Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sister Wives: The Honeymoon

It's a bit late, but I finally watched the Sister Wives honeymoon episode.

Kody and Robyn's honeymoon wasn't anything notable. What was notable was the other wives' reactions to Kody's extended absence.

If you've been following Sister Wives, you know Kody & Robyn's honeymoon was for eleven days. The other women only got 3 or 4 day honeymoons. Because of this, they were jealous.

I can see the situation in two distinct ways.

First, your perception is your own reality. As such, the first three wives are allowed to be jealous that they got short honeymoons and Robyn got an extended one. I can see how they'd feel less special, especially after Kody didn't care what they wore to their weddings, and he made a big deal out of his marriage to Robyn. They are obviously hurting, especially since Kody married the three of them within three years, and Robyn's coming in years later.

On the other hand, Robyn is entering the relationship at a later time. It's been a while since Kody's last wedding, so he's probably very excited about welcoming Robyn to the family. Plus, Robyn is pretty. I am not saying anything negative about the other wives, by any means, but Robyn probably excites Kody in a new, fresh, young way. She's not seen as the mom of his kids, because she's not. She's not a disciplinarian or mom to his kids, in his eyes - she's new, fresh and exciting. Plus, when he married the first three women, that was in quick succession - honeymoons and weddings didn't have the same unique appeal. Now, years later, that whole situation is new again.

On another note, I got a kick out of Kody's comment about how animals are polygamists. I don't disagree, by any means, but it was amusing.

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Jess said...

Never even seen Sister Wives yet, but I saw their interviews on Oprah today... now I'm really wanting to see it!!