Sunday, November 7, 2010

The New Show About the Circus, Which is Aptly Named Circus

I watched the new documentary series about the Big Apple Circus, called Circus.

It's pretty good. The first installment, at two hours in length, is a bit much, but it's a good watch. On the show, we learned about the people in the circus, their lifestyles, their differences and their backgrounds.

From American born citizens to Russian citizens, we see people with different backgrounds come together. There are good times and bad times on the show. For example, we face people trying to perfect their acts, a false bomb scare and people leaving the circus before the show even opens.

A particularly interesting aspect was learning about the kids of the circus, and how they come from circus families. For the most part, they seem to love the life they inherited and not regret it in the least.

Is this show a must watch? I would say no. But is it interesting? Yes. It's done in a documentary style, rather than a trashy reality style (probably because it's on PBS), and the stunts we see are amazing.

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