Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love Money: A Sort-Of Mental Challenge

This week on I Love Money, the castmates had to guess numbers in order to win the challenge.

During each question, the person with the furthest answer from the truth gets eliminated from the game. The winner ends up as the Paymaster.

The first question in the paymaster challenge was to guess the combined weight of all of the remaining I Love Money housemates. This was awful - each person had to stand on the scale and get weighed! Now all the I Love Money watchers know what each castmate weighs! Ouch, VH1, ouch!

Mindy forgot to count herself, lost the challenge, and became the dead last loser. Right then and there, she was placed in the box.

The second question was how many daisies were in a box. Brittanya said she wrote the number of guys she slept with - and came up with 101.

Punisher emerged as Paymaster, which as you know, is a dangerous thing.

In the box, there was a stalemate, so Punisher got to pick the two people he wanted to bring on his power outing. He chose Cisco and Hot Wings.

Note: Hot Wings could have been safe, but Punisher didn't like that she was strategizing with Brittanya. Brittanya, somehow, remains safe, probably because no one sees her as a threat.

On the Power Outing, Cisco told Punisher that he'd have his back, and Punisher seemed to be into it, despite the fact that Cisco vowed to void Punisher's check the previous week.

In the end, Cisco was given the boot, and Hot Wings and Mindy were allowed to stay in the competition. This was probably Punisher's best choice, although if the girls band together (which is unlikely at this point), there could be trouble for the boys.

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