Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Love Money: An Eating Challenge

This week on I Love Money, the contestants had to eat as much as they could, and the person who gained the most weight won.

Punisher immediately knew what to do, and in an effort to keep Brittanya in the game, let her in on his secret: drink a ton of water. Punisher was right, and his water drinking landed him in first place and earned him the role of Paymaster.

Brittanya did not listen, and she gained the least amount of weight. By the nature of the challenge, she was sent home immediately.

During the vault session, the I Love Money contestants didn't even try to pick who would go in the box - they just let Punisher choose. When he arrived, Mindy stated her case about why she should stay, and was granted freedom from the box. The three remaining contestants - Hot Wings, Brooklyn and Six Gauge - went with Punisher to the elimination challenge.

The first check went to Brooklyn.

Then, in a very rude way, Six Gauge had his check voided.

I was not happy to see Hot Wings stay. She's been acting like a child lately. She treated Mindy awfully. She should have gone home.

Team Mindy for the win!

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