Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love Money: Brittanya Says She's Smart

Brittanya had our quote of the week on I Love Money.

She told us that for sleeping with Punisher, she's the smartest girl in the house.

Say what?

I'm a Brittanya fan through and through, but she certainly is not the smartest girl in the house. Mindy's still there, after all, and Mindy's way smarter than Brittanya.

The challenge this week was about mud slinging. The contestants had to fling balls at cutouts of each other from a pit of mud. The first person out was named dead last loser, and the last person to have a semi-intact cutout was named Paymaster.

Despite the guys trying to get Garth into the Paymaster role, Brooklyn took the lead and won. Sassy ended up as the dead last loser and guaranteed her spot in the box.

Sassy, Six Gauge and Punisher ended up in the box.

Sassy, at some point, claimed not to be manipulative. But wasn't it our Sassy last episode that set up Brittanya and Cisco in a failed attempt to save her friend Blonde Baller? That is manipulative, girl!

In the end, Brooklyn gave the first check to Punisher. Second, Brooklyn let Six Gauge know that he's safe, and the guys went wild. Six Gauge, to his credit, tried to stop the guys from gloating, since that wasn't his intention. He very kindly let Sassy go home, but instantly regretted his decision based on the way the guys acted.

We'll see how this continues next week on I Love Money!

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