Friday, November 12, 2010

The Fairy Jobmother: Supernanny for The Unemployed

The Fairy Jobmother follows the same formula as Supernanny, only it's not as good.

It's also got elements of that short lived show about fixing marriages, but like this show, it was so forgettable that I forgot what it's called.

The Fairy Jobmother brings a British woman in to help out of work families, and from the first episode, that seem to be having marital problems as well. Hayley Taylor, the Fairy Jobmother, steps in to find employment for the family and subsequently save the marriage.

The show plays on the awful situations that families go through. For example, this week featured a family who lost their home in Hurricane Katrina. Don't get me wrong - that's awful. However, this show just seems so wrong. We're watching a family who's gone through so much. I think I actually feel bad looking into their lives.

Beyond that, the whole thing is so staged. Yes, The Fairy Jobmother actually does help them, but the show is so scripted. They "discover" skills and talents that the participants possess, and magically find interviews and find the participants jobs.

This is not worth watching. Seriously, I fast forwarded through most of it and still watched too much of it.

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