Wednesday, November 17, 2010

America Loves the TV Stars

Sarah "I'm a Politician But I Love Fame" Palin and daughter Bristol "I'm a Teen Mom and Teen Abstinence Advocate" Palin are ruling the airwaves.

...I think it's a blessing that mom Sarah's not running the country, at least!

First of all, Bristol Palin is fighting her way through more and more weeks on Dancing With the Stars, surpassing dancers who score much higher with the judges. It looks like the teen mom who's famous for her mom's fame has a chance to take the DWTS crown. What does this prove to us? Dancing With the Stars isn't really about dancing. But we knew that.

Also, Sarah Palin's Alaska set a new record for TLC viewership. With almost 5 million viewers, this show has been a huge success for the TLC network, and commanded the most viewers of any series premiere on the network. Apparently people are okay with hearing Ms. Palin say things like, "This is so much better than being in a stuffy political office," despite the fact that we were considering voting this woman into one of the most powerful political positions in the United States.

Let's see if Sarah Palin decides to run for president in coming years. She might use her television fame to boost her campaign, or maybe she'll give up on the political game and focus on the fame.

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Ava said...

She gets so much media attention because the people who love her watch and the people who hate her watch for the snark value lol. It's like a trainwreck you can't pull away from and you want to see if she will say anything crazy. I think she mistakes this as everyone wuvs her.