Friday, November 12, 2010

Amber Portwood Gives Up Custody of Daughter Leah!

Amber Portwood, at the advice of Child Protective Services, gave former flame Gary Shirley custody of their daughter, Leah.

I hate to say it, but this probably a VERY good thing. Amber hits Gary and let a guy who just got out of prison move in with her and baby Leah. She's also kind of crazy, to put it lightly.

Unfortunately, Leah's the one to suffer most from this. She apparently asks for Mommy each night. The truth is, though, Amber needs to get her life back together before she can be an even remotely good parent.

I wonder what this means for the next season of Teen Mom. Will we watch Amber struggle living without Leah? Will she work to regain her stability and regain custody of her daughter? Will she end up getting pregnant again and having another baby? All of these are definitely possibilities!

While we're talking about Teen Mom, let's talk about Farrah Abraham, who plans to move to Hollywood to become a star. Wow, really? Great. So, we let girls get famous with scripted acting careers for being pregnant before turning 18? Awesome. Although it works - Bristol Palin's on Dancing With the Stars, so I guess America's into teenage motherhood.

Update: Amber's in trouble. She's being formally charged for assaulting her on-again, off-again fiance Gary Shirley in front of daughter Leah. Ouch, Amber!

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