Friday, October 22, 2010

Teen Mom's Amber is Reportedly Pregnant Again

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is reportedly pregnant again...although Gary may not be the father.

According to Reality TV World, Gary's telling people that Amber should soon be breaking out the maternity clothes. However, friends speculate that the baby may not be Gary's, since Amber, well, you saw her date other people on the show.

Okay, Amber, WTF? This is your second publicized pregnancy scare since Leah's birth. Haven't you learned anything? Can't you see that you can barely handle one child, let alone being a teenage mother twice?

Here's what I don't get: how has Amber not figured out birth control by now? I know she failed her GED test, but she certainly should know how not to fail a pregnancy test.

If this baby is Gary's, he's in for a wild ride...yet again. Even worse, what if the baby isn't Gary's? I bet Gary would stick around and love the baby for Amber and Leah's sake. The boy needs to grow a pair and either walk out on Amber or tell her she needs to shape up...and stop getting freaking pregnant.

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