Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teen Mom: What Does the Cast Really Make?

According to Reality TV Blurred, the Teen Mom girls make significantly less than their Jersey Shore counterparts.

Teen Mom cast members net about $60,000 - $65,000 per season, which is significantly less than the Jersey Shore cast members, who net that amount in two Jersey Shore episodes.

Before you go crying about the girls are shortchanged, keep in mind that they aren't doing so badly - that's not a bad salary for a few months of being on camera. I do hope that a trust fund is being set aside for the babies to go to college - I think the lower salary plus a college fund would be a great deal for the teen moms. (Also, it would be phenomenal for Brandon and Teresa, who adopted Carly, because they are being fantastic about being part of the show.)

Meanwhile, the show does well enough that it, and it's original series, 16 and Pregnant, will be spinning off another reality show. The premise hasn't been released, but let's hope it's not another Teen Mom series with season two or three girls - one Teen Mom spinoff is enough. (I love it, but I wouldn't watch another version of the show.)

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JoJo said...

I'm just blown away that the Jersey shore cast makes that in just two episodes!