Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Teen Mom - WalMart is the new "It Place" to be

This week on Teen Mom, we saw Gary fawn over Amber as she treated him badly...again

Aside from this, we learned that WalMart is apparently the place to be to meet people. If you remember, Gary met his very temporary girlfriend at WalMart, and now we see Amber with her new guy, who she met at WalMart.

Aside from his flaws (like having been in jail at such a young age), Amber's date Chris seemed like a nice guy. Although it may have been a ploy to be on television. We'll see!

16 & Pregnant: Season 2, Part 1Also on Teen Mom, Amber and Kassy continued to build a relationship. The paternity test that Kassy took produced a 99% chance that Derek was Sophia's father. It's nice to see the two of them together, especially since they both have young babies who can be close cousins. Farrah's mom, to no surprise, was still not supportive. She shut down Farrah's feelings, and it's clear that Farrah's mom had a big part of keeping Farrah apart from Derek.

Catelynn continued to live with her mom's emotional abuse. Her mom is acting like a child because Catelynn didn't keep Carly...but also because she didn't name the baby after her. Seriously?!? Catelynn's mom told her not to tell her how to be a mom when she 'isn't one herself.' Clearly, Catelynn's mom has no idea how to be a mom. It's disgusting.

Maci and Kyle started having major problems...after Maci moved out to be near him. Ouch.

A new season of 16 and Pregnant is starting soon. I am so opposed to this show. Season one was informative, and we got attached to the show's participants. However, now it's just a place for pregnant teens to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Even though the show portrays struggles, the girls on the show are at least partially in it for fame...after all, the Teen Mom girls are probably getting some serious cash for their kids' college funds.

Dancing with the Stars this week said goodbye to Margaret Cho. The Situation remains!

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