Monday, October 18, 2010

Sister Wives: Kody and Robyn Get Married

On the finale of Sister Wives, Kody and Robyn got married.

And let me tell you, there was drama along the way. Apparently, Kody chose Robyn's wedding dress, and the other wives were not happy. One wife noted that she felt betrayed by this, since the women were supposed to do that together. Another wife noted that Kody didn't even care what she wore on her wedding day. Let me tell you, it was dramatic. One wife even walked off the stage.

The thing is, the other women married Kody in a span of four years. He probably was still tired from Meri's wedding experience when he married the other two wives. It's been so many years since he had a wedding. It was probably exciting again. I felt bad that the other wives felt betrayed, but seriously, there are four wives and the weddings are at minimum twelve years apart. Jealousy will happen.

Jealousy also raged when Kody wanted to spend every fourth night with Robyn, even though she was only a fiancee at the time. The other wives thought she shouldn't get equal rights. I understand Robyn's side (she deserves her time as she moved her kids and everything to be near Kody) and the wives side - they want their attention. I guess this is why I know polygamy would never work for me - too much jealousy...among other issues.

Overall, the Sister Wives still seem pretty normal. They think for themselves. They stand up against Kody when he's a jerk. They know that they can leave if they truly want to. Polygamy's not my thing, but if the sister wives in plural marriages are happy, I wish them all the best. At the wedding, everyone did seem happy. The sister wives Robyn her Claddagh ring, her family came to the wedding reception and the Browns successfully welcomed a new wife into the family.

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