Monday, October 18, 2010

Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now?

Rock of Love Girls: Where Are They Now - A VH1 Special.

On this VH1 special, we saw girls from Rock of Love, Rock of Love 2 and Rock of Love Bus, and learned where they are now. If you don't remember, all of these girls competed for the love of rock star Bret Michaels.

Here are some notable updates on the former Bret Michaels lovers:

Tamara is still kind of dumb. If you remember, she tried repeatedly to walk out the wrong doors. She's doing well, but she doesn't seem to have become much more coherent.

Heather said she's over the party scene. She's also shooting a 2011 calendar. She says she's living a 'zen' life.

Kristi Joe lives in Arizona with her husband. You know, the one she was still married to when she dated Bret. After the show, she said her husband reevaluated his actions and made up for his bad behavior. He won her back. She's very happy and it seems like her life is going well.

Lacey is the new singer of Lords of Acid. Say WHAT? I love that band but I'm not sure I'd like it with her as the singer. On a positive note, Lacey started a dog rescue, which is amazing. Props, Lacey!!!

Mindy says she lives a chaotic life and doesn't want to pay rent not to live somewhere. So, she's living with a friend. Mindy, like Heather, made a calendar, featuring some scary looking pictures of herself...which is sad because she's actually a really pretty and nice person. Okay, so we only saw one photo shoot, but it was an un-sexy version of Mindy covered in brownie mix.

Rodeo is still laughing with her very distinctive laugh. She's also into doing charity and helping horses. She's filming a very over-the-top commercial about saving animals...or something.

Marcia, who kissed Bret after throwing up, frequents a shooting range. This is cool, but also a concern since she loves tequila, and tequila and shooting ranges don't mix. Marcia also reminded us that she loves sex. Thanks for letting us know, Marcia.

Brandi C. moved back to Orlando, Florida. She and her boyfriend got matching teddy bear tattoos since they call each other 'Bear.' On the show, Brandi's kind of douchey looking boyfriend proposed to her. If they're happy, that's what matters!

Daisy is doing stuff for TV, as she's loving the fame. (She did, after all, do "Daisy of Love.") She's also in a band...and she says she'll always believe in herself. Which is good, because I'm not sure that record producers are going to believe in her. Then again, Katy Perry can't actually sing and she got a record deal, so there is hope for Daisy De La Hoya.

Destiney reminisced about her dad and how Bret Michaels helped to make the end of her dad's life special. It was sweet. Destiney says her life now revolves around her son. She's a single mom, so she's doing a shoot with Hustler to bring in some cash.

Farrah and Ashley are still best friends...and strippers. They live together in Vegas and drink a lot. They don't seem like they have a lot of depth, but they probably are making a ton of money. I wonder how Ashley's son is doing...he wasn't mentioned at all during her segment.

Megan Houserman and her dog Lily are living the dream. After Ms. Houserman got her own show, "Megan Wants a Millionaire," (which was canceled due to a tragedy), she met a rich man and moved into her amazing house. Just like she wanted, she got her rich man and she's living her life as a trophy wife.

Angelique, otherwise known as Frenchy, drives a pink car and is a stripper. That just about sums it up.

Taya will be hosting a show at the Sahara in Vegas. It's called "Striptease." She's got a great hotel room, a big show and a new shot at fame. She's also doing a Penthouse cover. Looks like Taya's doing well!

Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It Was Also On TV Tonight.

I think Bret Michaels is fantastic, but I'm just not into this show. It lacks the drama, glitz and glamour of the previous Bret Michaels shows. Oh, well!

And, Some Dancing With the Stars Info.

I am no longer watching Dancing With the Stars, because I'm really not that interested. I liked watching Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, but when he was kicked off in week four, I lost interest. Now I'm on team Bristol Palin, even though I won't be watching the dancing competition on TV.

I find it funny that Wikipedia lists Bristol as a teen activist. Yes, she stands up against teenage pregnancy, but let's be realistic. She's no more teen activist than Heather Mills was a philanthropist. They're both famous for being associated with other famous people. For Heather Mills, philanthropist meant ex-wife of Paul McCartney. For Bristol, it means formerly pregnant teenage daughter of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

VH1 is also premiering a show called My Big Friggin' Wedding. It seems to be about crazy brides with douchebag fiances. I think I'll skip this one.

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