Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Love Money: The Girls Form an Alliance

On I Love Money, the girls formed an alliance and planned to take action against the guys. However, that didn't stop them from bashing each other. It was a nice idea, though, since the guys could potentially turn on the girls when they wanted to get rid of what they consider to be the weakest links.

No matter how thoughtful the alliance, it failed miserably when team members turned the tables, landing Marcia (team captain), Corn Fed and Feisty in the box.

Feisty tried to convince Brooklyn that Corn Fed should leave because she's bad at challenges, however, that backfired because Brooklyn wanted the other team to be weak. Feisty accidentally convinced Brooklyn to keep Corn Fed.

Marcia was kicked off at the end, which she deserved, since she was ridiculously mean to Corn Fed...why meaner than Corn Fed deserved.

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