Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Love Money: The Challenges Go Individual

The teams were dissolved on I Love Money this week.

The winner of the challenge won Paymaster. The loser automatically found their check in the box.

The game was described as psychological warfare. Each person put their hand in a giant glove, and when you mess up and move, nasty stuff got poured all you.

Punisher came out as the dead last loser. The girls and Garth held on pretty well, but the tough guys dropped out early. Brittanya won the challenge and became Paymaster, kicking trash talking Garth's butt.

Punisher was very happy that Brittanya had the power on this week's episode of I Love Money, because she has Punisher's back.

Blonde Baller was feeling the pressure. Brittanya doesn't like her, and Garth wants her out. In this episode, BB tried to appeal to Brittanya to keep her in the game. She wasn't happy about it, but she had to do what she had to do.

Blonde Baller stuck up for her honor against Punisher saying no one liked her by saying she has church at home, and while Pun may stay in the house when she leaves, she'll be in heaven in the afterlife and Pun will not.

If you've been following the hookups, Mindy and Cisco like each other, and Brittanya and Punisher have been doing whatever they do. Sassy, in an effort to save Blonde Baller, got Brittanya and Cisco to hook up. This was awful for Mindy, who was genuinely upset and didn't deserve to be hurt like this. The sick part was that Cisco said that after he hooked up with Brittanya, he wanted to go back to his girl Mindy...and he went into her bed as if nothing had happened. Fortunately, Mindy's stronger than that and stood up to Cisco.

The next day, Cisco told Punisher about the previous night's antics. He also tried to apologize to Mindy, but she's much too strong to fall for his actions. He even told the confessional that he's cheated in relationships before and is sure to do it again - what?!? Mindy definitely deserves better.

At Vault time, Punisher, Sassy and Blonde Baller ended up in the box. Blonde Baller ended up insulting Punisher's mom in her anger - mom insults seem to be her thing.

During elimination, Brittanya noted that Pun and Garth are running the house, and you could practically see the pride bursting on Garth's face. Brittanya also told the whole house that she'd hooked up with Cisco, and Mindy was not happy about this. I honestly don't think Brittanya meant to hurt Mindy by saying it, but I think Brit needs to watch her back if Mindy finds herself in the Paymaster role.

In the end, Brittanya chose to send Blonde Baller home, which made many housemates very happy - especially with the vicious way it was done. Brutal, Brittanya!

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