Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Love Money 4: Chi Chi Says He's Likable; Punisher Wins Paymaster

On I Love Money, Chi Chi told the cameras that he thinks he's likable. I guess the thought is working, as his team is quite happy with him and his plan. However, I wonder what they really think of him, outside of his plan to keep his team in the game. I guess I always compare him to his pal Sinister, and compared to him, he doesn't exactly have redeeming qualities.

Chi Chi began to crack after he forgot to bring the stuffed animals on his section of the stuffed animal challenge, and the other contestants took notice. His nice guy, likable attitude ran out the door as he started to get messy. He even said the 'devil was in his soul' and was taking over.

The Gold team was victorious. Punisher won his chance as Paymaster. He then proceeded to mess with Chi Chi's head, which led to Chi Chi's meltdown (noted above).

The Green Team could not come up with a consensus about who to put in the box. As such, Punisher got to make the decision. He chose Francisco, Chi Chi and Feisty (who he noted had nothing to worry about - this was a date for them).

Feisty snagged the first check and was kept on I Love Money for another week.
Secondly, Punisher then made Chi Chi think he was safe, but it was just a tease. He ended up sending Chi Chi home instead of Francisco.

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