Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Finally Got To Read the Article About Michaele Salahi Having MS

I'd read web articles about the People article about Michaele Salahi's "battle" with MS, but never the article itself. Finally, at a doctor's office, I had my chance.

My main issue was as follows:

One paragraph states that Michaele claims to be lucky to practically never have Multiple Sclerosis flare ups, and that they last for extended amounts of time. However, another paragraph tells us that she had a flare up at the White House party, and that's why she had to leave. Ummm...contradictory much?

I'm not saying she definitely doesn't have MS. A doctor may have diagnosed it at one point. But the fact that she's 'living with it' and 'suffering from it' do seem a bit exaggerated...and also like a big publicity stunt.

The Real Housewives of DC cast member also claims MS affects people who are heavier more than thin people, which is why she stays thin. A quick Google search tells me that this statement is inconclusive. Not that having an excuse to stay thin is a terrible thing, but seriously, I'm not buying that one.

Do you honestly think Michaele would appear on The Real Housewives of DC if she thought the world would see one of her Multiple Sclerosis flare ups? I think not.

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