Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Two-Day Shopping Extravaganza

For the past two days, my friend and I embarked on a journey: we indulged in some major retail therapy. Fortunately, I found some killer pieces to update my fall wardrobe, some of which were military chic.

A few key points were learned or reinforced this weekend:

1. The sales staff at Nordstrom is amazing. They're so nice and incredibly helpful. I met an amazing salesgirl with a great sense of fashion, and a major willingness to help. My friend and I were primarily looking for a dress for my friend to wear to a formal event, and the girl who helped us was great. She helped us choose items, find sizes and even talked about fashion with us.

2. Kelsi Dagger is an amazing brand of shoes. Love it.

3. The staff at Macy's is a lot less helpful than the staff at Nordstrom. A cashier pretty much refused to ring my friend and me up, stating that 'her register doesn't take coupons.' Say what? My friend pressed the issue, and magically, the register worked. We think she wouldn't help us because she wouldn't make commission off of our sale, but our purchases help to keep her job in existence, so a little help would have been nice.

4. Dresses at White House, Black Market are gorgeous...but only on the rack. When you put them on, they seem to do a lot less justice on the body than they do on the hanger. The only exception to this seemed to be when this gorgeous, super tall (think Amazon sized) woman with zero percent body fat tried a dress on. But then again, she would have looked good in a dress made out of plastic grocery store bags.

Anyway, I got some amazing pieces at Nordstrom.

The first was a military jacket from the brand Rubbish. This piece is warm, yet much more versatile than a hoodie or something of the sort. I'm not entirely in love with the large neck on the jacket, but other than that, it's a great fit and well worth the price.

I also acquired some absolutely amazing shoes by the brand Trouve. It's a little bit difficult walking in them, but they are so hot that the pain is totally worth it.

I also ended up with a Jessica Simpson hat much like this one, but without the gems on it.

Overall, this was a fantastic shopping weekend. I need to write an email to Nordstrom saying how awesome their sales team members are. I seriously felt like I was in a parallel universe because people were so nice, friendly and helpful. Also, the sales team members were fashionable and accurately represented the Nordstrom image, which is very important. I certainly can't say the same for the staff at Macy's, with the exception of a few people and the guy at the MAC makeup counter, who was awesome.

Oh, yeah, the Coach Poppy perfume is amazing. I wanted to buy it, but couldn't justify spending $60 on it when I already have so much unused perfume at home. It's definitely going to be a must buy item sometime in the future.

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