Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teen Mom's Farrah Reaches Out to Her Deceased Boyfriend's Family

On "Teen Mom," Farrah addressed her issues with Sophia's deceased father.

Farrah had to reach out to the lawyers to collect Social Security money for Sophia. Farrah's clearly struggling, especially because she got scammed when she tried to sell her car. Hopefully everything will work out for her.

Apparently, her ex-boyfriend Derek's family never approved of their relationship. At her lawyer's request, Farrah reached out to her ex's sister, Kassy. (Not before trashing the family on TV, though.) Kassy agreed to take the paternity test, and Sophia took her test as well.

Unfortunately, Kassy did not take her paternity test, and without risking having to give Kassy visitation rights, Farrah and her lawyer can not force her to take the test.

In case you're interested, see the story of Farrah and her ex-boyfriend here.

Ryan and Maci had drama as well.

Maci broke the news that she's moving to Nashville. Ryan told her that she's selfish and only thinks about herself. She really isn't, but Ryan is selfish. If he hadn't broken her heart and been awful to her and Bentley, she wouldn't be leaving to be with Kyle at this point.

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