Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teen Mom: A Rant About Ryan & Episode Recap

On "Teen Mom," Ryan's parents noted that they wanted a 50/50 split between Maci and Ryan to spend time with Bentley.

While I think children deserve to see both of their parents, can anybody really argue that Ryan's been a pretty awful (ex)boyfriend to Maci and father to Bentley? It seems now that Ryan has a new girlfriend, he's trying harder, but still. It's too little, too late.

Maci noted that Ryan's child support payments directly correlate with the time Bentley spends with Ryan. Basically, the more time Ryan spends with his son, the less money he owes Maci. It seems Maci thinks that Ryan wants more time so he can pay less money.

It's strange to me that Ryan's suddenly getting territorial about Bentley and is willing to take Maci to court over his custody, especially considering that Ryan wanted nothing to do with Bentley during most of Teen Mom season one. I think that Ryan is being manipulated by his new girlfriend, who should have absolutely no say over Bentley.

Ryan's lawyer asked him to get a paternity test. Shady! Then, the lawyer told Ryan that he could block Maci from moving if he places a lawsuit against her. Ryan can't afford the lawyer, and he's asking his parents to pay for it. He's asking his parents to be jerks to block Maci from being happy so he can see the baby he didn't care about until his new girlfriend told him to. UGH!!!

Ryan served Maci with papers from his lawyer stating that Bentley should spend three days with Ryan and three with Maci. Maci argued that this makes no sense, because Bentley won't have a permanent home. Maci told Ryan that she'd never take Bentley away from him, but this was unreasonable. Ryan seemed to take pride in the fact that he was squashing Maci's plans to move. Like a mature adult, she agreed to go to court, despite the fact that Ryan only wanted to go to make Maci's life more difficult. (Oh yeah, and to see his son - but do we really believe that's his intention? I think it's just so his new girlfriend can show her dominance.)

You stink, Ryan! Maci doesn't deserve this!

Also, Catelynn's mom tried to be a good mom.

On last week's "Teen Mom," Catelynn's mom flew into a (possibly drug induced) rage at Catelynn, just for the sake of her existence. This week, Catelynn's mom acted like a real mom and took her dress shopping.

While shopping for prom dresses, Catelynn chose a dress that looked seriously awful on her. While her presentation was rough, Catelynn's mom did have a point about the dress looking awful on Catelynn. I agree with Catelynn - her angry reaction towards the dress may have been anger towards her daughter, but Catelynn really did look awful in the red prom dress!

While Catelynn's mom did try to be a good mom, things went from okay to awful in a matter of moments.

I feel awful for Catelynn - her mom treats her terribly, and Catelynn definitely doesn't deserve it. Living with her mom is so unhealthy - Catelynn needs to get out. It's a great thing that Catelynn and Tyler didn't keep Carly at home, being that it's such a scary, unhealthy environment. I feel terrible for Catelynn's young brother! I don't think children should have to deal with their parents insulting them and putting them down the way Catelynn's mom does.

Fortunately, Catelynn's mom stepped up into her mom role before prom, which was nice because Catelynn so desperately wants her love and attention. Congratulations, Catelynn and Tyler, for winning Prom King and Queen!

Farrah stood by the fact that her mom didn't get anything out of attending counseling.

To be honest, I agree with her. I think her mom has deep seeded issues that need to be addressed. Farrah admitted that she attends counseling, and her mother should do the same because she needs and wants to, not because it's court ordered. I think Farrah and her mom should go to family counseling - it will probably do wonders.

Fortunately, Farrah agreed with my sentiment and invited her very happy mother to go to counseling with her. While Farrah tried hard to make the session work, I just sense fakeness from her mom. Her mom said she just wants Farrah to be happy, and she wants them to be best friends like they used to be. Not that I know Farrah and her mom Debra outside the show, but I highly doubt Farrah was ever truly happy in her mom's home, and I highly doubt that they were ever best friends!

Did you notice that Farrah's mom couldn't think of any way to show that she loves her? She said that she can provide help and pray for her, but that's not really about Farrah at all.

The therapist pointed out that Farrah was closed off to her mom, but she did get Farrah to admit that she wanted to be closer to mom Debra. That's a big step towards them both breaking down their barriers and meeting at a halfway point.

Farrah and her mom later hung out together with Sophia, and it seems like things took a turn for the positive.

This week we celebrated Amber's birthday, and she and Gary fought.

No further explanation is needed. This is the same as usual...fight, make up, fight, make up, blah, blah blah. Shame on Gary's friends, though, for instigating the fight.

Before we end this post, here's a review of this week's episode of ABC Family's "Melissa and Joey."

"Melissa and Joey" got its edge back this week. While the show doesn't seem remotely appropriate for the ABC Family network, it is funny, and it's great that Melissa Joan Hart is willing to play a more risque character than her clean cut roles on "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" or "Clarissa Explains it All." I absolutely loved the cameo appearance by Christopher Rich, who played Reba's ex-husband Brock on the show "Reba."

One more thing - A recap of the MTV show "If You Really Knew Me."

This week's episode of "If You Really Knew Me" was especially interesting because it showed us a different type of high school - an arts high school. Students attend the Denver School of the Arts by choice, and unlike typically divided schools, kids divided themselves between the 'on stage,' 'artsy' and 'behind the scenes' kids. This episode is very interesting, and it's enjoyable and enlightening to watch the art school students break down the barriers between the confident on-screen kids and the more humble behind-the-scenes students. This is an excellent episode of an altogether excellent show.

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