Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Special Sunday Night Pre-VMA Episode of "Jersey Shore" (9/12/10)

On "Jersey Shore," Angelina regretted her relations with Vinny.

I have to say, it's a pretty bad idea to hook up with someone you can't stand (and you live with), especially when you're seeing someone else.

However, it was still bad when the "Jersey Shore" cast members trashed Angelina for 'smushing' Vinny. While it's awkward that she's now slept with three cast members, isn't that what this show is about? In any case, jealousy showed its true form when Snooki said she was disgusted that she'd tried to hook up with Vinny (but he was too big), and Angelina did soon after. Snooki's jealousy was evident when she called Angelina's private bits 'loosey goosey' for fitting Vinny's large man parts. (You know what I'm saying!)

I do respect the fact that the "Jersey Shore" guys stuck up for Jose, who Angelina's dating. They stated that they actually liked him. Angelina claims she's single, though, so if she really is, she's allowed to 'smush' whoever she wants.

It turns out that Angelina hung out with Jose the very next day, and the "Jersey Shore" housemates thought that Angelina owed Jose an explanation of last night's rendez vous. But does she really? If they're just dating, and not exclusively, does she really have to tell? Who's to say that Jose isn't 'smushing' other girls, as well?

Later in the episode, Angelina (who was called the Staten Island Ferry - everyone gets a ride and it's free), spent a night at the club with Jose. Mike made Angelina tell Jose that she 'hooked up' with Vinny - but to Jose, that didn't necessarily mean sex, and Angelina planned to keep it that way.

What do you think? Was Angelina allowed to 'smush' whoever she wants, or is she technically in a relationship with Jose, the guy who buys her everything she wants? Additionally, was Angelina required to tell Jose about her sexual relations with Vinny when she saw him the next day?

Vinny's family was amazing.

I loved Vinny's uncle who didn't speak his words clearly. I love how he did a toast to everyone, calling Mike "Sanitation" and J-Woww "J-Lo." Very funny!

Vinny's mom's meal seemed amazing. I got super hungry just looking at everyone in their food comas. Real Italian food is amazing.

Vinny's uncle (with his beer belly) seemed quite enamored with J-Woww. Vinny (who really found his voice this season) said his uncle doesn't get out much, so the "Jersey Shore" girls must look good to him. Ouch, that's certainly calling out the girls as being 'grenades!'

What do you think of Vinny's changes from "Jersey Shore" season one to "Jersey Shore" season two? He certainly found his voice! Last season, we didn't see or hear much from Vinny (except when he dated the same cougar that his landlord dated), and this season we're getting much more Vinny screen time and controversy. Thoughts?

Mike and Pauly both brought girls home to their shared room to get their 'smush' on.

This did not work out well. Mike's girl admitted, once back at the "Jersey Shore" house, that she has a boyfriend. Both girls ended up leaving. I bet the girl who has a boyfriend on this episode no longer does, as he's now seen his girl with her butt all up in The Situation's face.

Would you break up with your significant other if they pulled what Mike's girl did on "Jersey Shore?" Or would you forgive it since nothing happened and she got her 15 minutes of fame?

A girl came over to the house and said that all of her friends are 'grenades.'

I bet she lost a bunch of friends after saying that on TV. Why not just say they're busy or not interested in being on television? Even worse is that Mike made a sandwich and watched Pauly and the redheaded girl do the nasty. She ended up calling out her friends and admitting on national TV that she's okay with people watching her get down and dirty.

Pauly and Vinny both met girls that they liked.

Pauly and his girl had a great date, but Vinny's girl, Ramona, stood him up. Vinny didn't deserve that! He really liked Ramona, bought her flowers, and planned a great date. At first, she backed out at the last minute, then agreed to come when Vinny begged. However, all was not well. Vinny got super excited, and the girl decided to never show up. Sorry, Vinny! You don't deserve that!

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