Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shake Weight: Work Out and Make Your Man Think Dirty Thoughts

Looking for exercise equipment that will make your man think dirty things?

Look no further than the Shake Weight.

The Shake Weight is a product that you hold at least six inches from your face and hold with both hands. All you have to do is rapidly move your arms up and down in a three-inch range of motion, and the shake weight will move with your movement.

When I tried this particular motion and showed my friends, they did a double take and started laughing. My fiance told me that Shake Weights aren't necessary to practice this kind of exercise, if you get my drift.

Dirty, I know! Let me tell you, this is quite a sexually charged piece of exercise equipment.

That being said, the Shake Weight is actually effective when it comes to building arm muscle. I got it two days ago and used it properly for the first time yesterday. My arms are actually sore! The range of motion truly does work, and according to the packaging on my Shake Weight, you only need to use the Shake Weight for six minutes a day for it to be effective. I think I used it for eight minutes on and off, and my arms are definitely feeling it.

I definitely recommend the Shake Weight, not just for the sake of exercise, but for the sake of humor as well.

Looking for a more masculine Shake Weight? There's also a Shake Weight dumbbell made specifically for men.