Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reality Snark: A Levi Johnston Reality Show

Question: What does it take to get famous these days?
Answer: Get someone remotely famous pregnant.

At least this is the plan that worked for Levi Johnston, on-again, off-again ex-fiance of Bristol Palin. First, he got the daughter of vice presidential candidate turned spotlight hog Sarah Palin pregnant. Things were fine then, minus the whole baby catastrophe. They had a mild amount of popularity in their native Alaska, but outside of the piece of America that only touches Canada, nobody cared.

Then, Sarah Palin got chosen as a vice presidential candidate, and BOOM! All of a sudden a teenager who irresponsibly helped to sperminate his underage girlfriend became a celebrity. The relationship ended, and Levi got his first slice of reality pie.

All of a sudden, Levi Johnston became a highly searched name on Google. He broke off his relationship with Bristol, and his star rose. He posed for Playgirl. It rose again. He started hanging out in the celebrity scene, got back together with Bristol and then split with her again, and surprise! He thinks he's a rockstar.

Why are we rewarding this madness? Levi's quest for fame gave Levi the guts to ask Bristol to star in a reality show about co-parenting their son Tripp, even though they can barely stand each other. When that fell through, he thought about running for mayor and catching that on film. Now, producers are scrambling to find something about Levi that's actually interesting!

It's like giving Octomom a show - nobody actually cares! The pilot might do well, but after we realize that we're just going to see a spotlight hog pretend to be interesting for the cameras, we're just not going to go for it anymore.

Seriously, what is this teaching the world? Do something bad and be rewarded? Lack talent and get a reality show? Fight for your kid to be on reality TV even though his mom is against it (yes, this is part of the Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin issue right now). I understand liking fame, but do it the right way, and not at the expense of those who care(d) about you.

On a related note, we can plan to see Bristol Palin on season 11 of dancing with the stars, and mom Sarah Palin plans to make her way into reality TV as well.

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