Monday, September 6, 2010

Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Part Two

On the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" Reunion, Part Two...

Danielle Staub claimed that she no longer talks to Danny because he called someone a sexually related slur. Seriously? Wow, Danielle, last episode he was your best friend, and now you dumped him over that?

Danielle Staub also said that 'Lori' can tell the Housewives that she doesn't sleep with men. She does, though, or at least did last season! I'm not saying she can't switch to the other side, but she did sleep with men and she can't deny that.

Danielle Staub continued by stating that she has no part of Dina Manzo leaving the show. This is clearly not true.

Jacqueline Laurita took heat this season for not disciplining her daughter, Ashley. While I do believe there were some missed opportunities in disciplining Ashley, I believe Jacqueline is doing her best. Ashley is Jacqueline's first child - raising a child is hard! Was Ashley wrong in many cases? Absolutely. Can this come down on Jacqueline? Yes, but it shouldn't in the way that it does. I also think that Ashley was a bit drunk on television fame. It can bring out the worst in anyone.

Danielle Staub claimed that she doesn't read all her tweets on Twitter, but does respond to all of them. I'm not even sure that makes sense. In any case, Danielle claims that she never wrote back to a person's tweet wishing that Ashley Holmes (Jacqueline's daughter) takes her own life. However, Danielle did respond - it's in writing!

Teresa Giudice claims that she was trying to be nice by saying hi to Danielle at the fashion show. While I don't believe her, Danielle definitely made the situation worse by starting problems with Teresa. Had Danielle said hi and walked away, this could have been avoided.

Kim Granatell made an appearance after many of the Housewives wished she could appear on the reunion show. We got to see the quote where Kim G. said Danielle had "fake and square tits." Love it! Kim was wrong when she agreed with Danielle, however, I genuinely think she believed she was on the right side of things at the time. I have to give Kim G. credit - she kept her composure, stood up for herself to Caroline and kept things civil. Kim looked bummed when Caroline said she wouldn't have lunch with her, but she kept things light and took it in stride.

Teresa Giudice and Kim G. started to argue a bit, but they kept it relatively clean. I hope they can get along - I'd like to see more of Kim G., and not in a dramatic way. It turned out that everyone dislikes Kim G., with the exception of Jacqueline, who doesn't mind her. I say give her a chance!

Caroline Manzo was remarkable in keeping her composure when she confronted Danielle. Once Caroline calmed the conversation down, the other Housewives followed suit. While Danielle called Caroline a puppeteer, which was wrong, she certainly did control the tone of the conversation.

Danielle Staub finally apologized to Jacqueline regarding the situation with Ashley, including the lawsuit and the exaggerations that she told, and Jacqueline apologized back for the negative things that she said about Danielle. This was huge! This was all that anyone wanted from Danielle - an apology! Danielle admitted that she embellished stories! Following that, Jacqueline said that she looked internally to see why she was acting negatively towards Danielle. With this interchange, the Real Housewives reunion almost ended on a positive note. Danielle and Jacqueline made peace on a certain level. Amazing!!! (Although Caroline did roll her eyes during the whole Danielle / Jacqueline conversation.)

Danielle Staub, with Andy Cohen's help, admitted that she had litigation against the Housewives, but she now wants everyone to have peace in their lives. It sounds like she'll be dropping charges. Next, Teresa and Danielle made peace. Then, Danielle reached out and hugged Teresa and Jacqueline! You know what? Jacqueline actually looked happy!

Caroline Manzo allowed Danielle to shake her hand, but noted that she thinks Danielle is full of it. Everything was happy and peaceful until Caroline made waves. Then, Danielle got mad and said Caroline should let Jacqueline make her own decisions. Danielle and Caroline agreed not to like each other, but still, the peace between Jacqueline and Danielle and Teresa and Danielle is a major step up!

I am going to miss "The Real Housewives of New Jersey!" I love this show!

There is one thing I am confused about. I thought that in the previews for the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" Reunion Part 2, Andy Cohen stated that one NJ Housewife would leave the show forever. Did we see that? Did that happen? Did I miss something?

Random Stuff...

Bachelor Pad: This week's episode of "Bachelor Pad" can be summed up in a few short sentences. Several ladies were told they would be sent home, and following that, they were. The remaining contestants were paired up: Jesse B. with Peyton, Kovacs with Elizabeth, Dave with Natalie, and Kiptyn with Tenley. At the end of the episode, Jesse B. and Peyton were kicked off of "Bachelor Pad," and we are left until next week to see what will happen next.

Dating in the Dark: If you want to know what I think about this week's "Dating in the Dark" and the show in general, click here to read my article about the show. Here's a hint, if you don't want to read the whole thing: I'm over it.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres October 14, 2010! Who's ready for the Richards sisters (Paris Hilton's aunts) and their equally rich and skinny counterparts?



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I'll believe it when I see it!

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