Sunday, September 12, 2010

A New TLC Reality Show About Polygamy: Sister Wives

A new show will be premiering on TLC on September 26, 2010 at 10 PM.

The show's title? Sister Wives.

The topic? Polygamy. Although the show wants you to call it Plural Marriages.

The show will feature a family with one husband, three wives, and thirteen children (and another on the way) who reside in Utah. (Yes, this polygamist family still has less kids that Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar!) The show will take us into the lives of Kody Brown and his three wives, plus the life of the soon-to-be fourth wife and her kids.

The show portrays the Brown household and details how the wives interact (smoothly, it seems, although it can be difficult and heartbreaking) on a day-to-day basis. Note that Kody is actually only legally married to one of his wives (as is the legal practice) and the others are considered spiritual wives.

First wife Meri has one child, wife Janelle has six kids, and Christine has five and is currently pregnant. New wife Robyn has three kids from a different relationship who will become stepsiblings to Kody's kids.

"Sister Wives," a seven episode series, will bring to the world's view a secret that Brown has kept until this time. So, recent news stories and the show's airings will likely be the first glimpse into Kody Brown's multiple marriage lifestyle for many of his coworkers and acquaintances.

I am very much looking forward to this show. It's time that we took a real life at real life multiple marriage situations. We've seen Big Love on HBO, but as a scripted show, this doesn't have the truth behind it that only an unscripted television show can. I think America should better understand polygamy, its tie to lifestyle and religion, and the principle behind it. While it may not be the choice for all of us, people are involved in polygamy voluntarily, and as human beings, we should accept this.

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