Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Night Madness: Bachelor Pad & Dating in the Dark (9/13/10)

Bachelor Pad

Dave and Natalie emerged as the final two contestants on the season finale of "Bachelor Pad." This would be great for both of them, except that there is (theoretically) only one winner. However, this statement, which the contestants believed throughout the game, turned out to be a trick.

As a final challenge, Dave and Natalie were separated. Each was brought to a separate room. In each room was a sign with an option. One side says 'share,' and the other says 'keep.' If both people say share, they can share the winnings. If one says keep and one says share, the one who says keep takes all of the money. If both say keep, the money gets split among Dave and Natalie's former housemates. (This reminds me of the GSN game show hosted by Kennedy, Friend or Foe. Remember that?)

In the end,
Dave chose Share.
Natalie chose Share.

They decided to share. YEA!!! Friendship is a wonderful thing!

Dating the Dark

On "Dating in the Dark," we met a contestant named Kayla. Kayla (who we learn is turned on by deodorant) is one of the few contestants that will truly benefit from the dating in the dark experience. She's young, open minded, and ready to meet a guy based on his personality. I mean, everyone says that on this show, but for some reason I actually believe her.

We also met a young divorced woman (Suzanne), as well as a VIP host (Kahleel) who's probably just on "Dating in the Dark" to create a bit of fame for herself. Suzanne, the divorcee, seriously did not know when to shut up. I liked her and her fun attitude, but her serious oversharing issue turned off her date like crazy.

Two of the guys on the show were twins - that causes some interesting situations! I think the twins also benefit from the dating in the dark experience because they are judged independently, rather than as a pair. (However, if they truly wanted that, they wouldn't have come on the show together.) Still, it's an interesting idea.

At the end of "Dating in the Dark," Suzanne, Ray and Sean ended up choosing not to see anyone in the light. Kahleel and Kayla both chose Harrison. Following that, the tough choices began. Both Kayla and Kahleel decided to wait for Harrison, leaving the ultimate decision to him.

So, who did he choose?

He chose Kahleel! I feel like Kayla might be a better long term match for Harrison, but I also believe that Harrison and Kahleel will have some short term fun. Sorry, Kayla! I was rooting for you! In any case, there was no reason for Kahleel to be a jerk at the end - boo for you, Kahleel. At the very end, you say this victory is for all of the bullies in high school that made fun of you. You just were a bully yourself. Not cool, Kahleel.

Dancing with the Stars

"Dancing with the Stars" will take over ABC's 8 PM lineup next week. Are you ready for the 2 hour season premiere? I normally am not interested in Dancing with the Stars, but Bristol Palin and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino are sure to make this season interesting.


Karen Alexa said...

Were we watching the same programme?? Kayla shot herself in the foot for making out with all of her dates. She was really into Harrison because Kahleel had feelings. Classic insecure behaviour to use her sexuality to get ahead. But it got her nowhere. Kahleel was right to goad Kayla because she pushed it.

Also, I don't think any of these D in the D couples have longterm longevity so I'm unsure if you were trying to point out the ethnic difference as to why Kahleel and Harrison won't last.

Less Than Reality said...

I'm not saying that Kayla's secure. That's why I think this show is actually good for her. She needs to trust herself and use her personality to make things work. Was she right in her actions? Absolutely not. However, that doesn't make Kahleel (who's obviously a more mature person) right for her actions at the end. She didn't need to go to Kayla's level.

It's not about ethnicity at all. I think Kahleel is a very strong person and she'd do well with a really strong guy, and I didn't necessarily read that in Harrison. I think Harrison & Kayla could lean on each other, whereas Kahleel is very strong and would do well with a very strong person as who could continue to encourage her self esteem and success.

That being said, I agree that many couples don't have longevity, but I do believe Kayla and Harrison could have made it work - not necessarily a marriage, but definitely a decent amount of time.

Of course, this doesn't factor in the concept that these people probably live nowhere near each other, so that can be a major inhibitor.

Karen Alexa said...

I understand your points. However Kayla currently lacks the maturity to realize that she doesn't need to make out with every guy in order to get them to like her. Many of us (yup, I'm including myself!) make incorrect assumptions about our looks and or sex appeal thinking "Why would he resist me...I'm awesome". But where both Kahleel and Suzanne spent time talking to (or in Suzanne's case, talking at) their dates, Kayla moved to the physical straight away.

That was her mistake and Harrison could have very well picked her if she made it somewhat difficult. Regardless, she played it her way and lost the guy. Had Harrison picked her, it would have been just as physical as it was in the dark and she would still be left crying.

Even though I'm much older than Kayla, I would have rubbed it in her face too in an effort to teach her a lesson. Not very classy but some people need it in order to figure out what they did to deserve such a reaction. Kayla learned from this but none of us will know how it will manifest. Nor will we ever know if Suzanne saw herself portrayed and instantly stopped her chatterbox ways. Good Lord!!

Mommy Kerin said...

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Hope to see you hop back by!

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Kerin :)

Less Than Reality said...

Karen, you also make good points. This is turning into great dialogue. Maybe we should both watch & compare notes (I can post both of ours on the blog) and see if anyone says anything.

So, before we get into the other stuff, we can definitely agree about Suzanne! She was a mess! I'm glad she turned her divorce into a positive situation, she certainly focused on herself during that time...and that manifested into a crazy talking maniacal personality. She's perfect for the get to see the frustrated guys getting so bored.

I agree Kayla is immature. I think my post was biased because I felt an immediate appeal for her - kind of like she's a lost girl trying to find her way. Whereas Kahleel, in the beginning, came off less likeable to me.

The thing that also affected me is that Kahleel is pretty and doesn't need to date in the dark, because she now has the confidence and the looks. Kayla, on the other hand, is super insecure and could have taken this the right way (instead of going to the physical) and shown that her personality stands on her own. I firmly believe she does have one, and she did like Harrison, but got caught up in the jealousy and having to be the best thing against Kahleel.

I also wasn't a Kahleel fan because I think she did the show to prove a point, in a sense. Like, saying she's awesome now and wanting to prove that to those in her past. However, now that I think about it rationally, good for her! She deserves to show off her awesomeness after going through a rough patch.

Okay, cool, so now I've talked about Kayla and Kahleel's good qualities. I'm still not sold on Suzanne's. :)

Less Than Reality said...

Oh yeah, and the other reason I didn't think Harrison was good for Kahleel was his posture. I believe his shoulders were hunched, showing insecurity. Whereas Kahleel knows she's hot now and would do well with a guy who feels the same way about himself. I think Kayla has the same insecurity as Harrison, and they would have hung back from certain things together - do you know what I mean?

I wonder if we'll be able to google Kahleel and Harrison in a month and see what happened.