Friday, September 10, 2010

The Jimmy Choo & Ugg Collaboration (Jimmy Chuggs) are on sale!

The Jimmy Choo / Uggs "Jimmy Chuggs" collection is now on sale.

The shoes are not attractive.

After months of waiting and anticipation, I saw the “Jimmy Chuggs” collaboration on today. It looked like someone took some nice, comfortable, plain Uggs and attacked them with a Bedazzler and some fringes.

There are no Jimmy Choo-style high heels or characteristic glitter or gemstones. It just looks like someone with a cowboy sense of style took a pair of Uggs and stapled on some fringes and silver star gems.

Thank goodness I don’t like them, because they start at $495, and I do not want to spend that when I have perfectly good $40 Bearpaw sheepskin boots at home.

If you want to see the Jimmy Choo / Uggs collaboration, the “Jimmy Chuggs” are linked from the homepage at

To read my full review of the "Jimmy Chuggs" collaboration, click here.

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