Friday, September 24, 2010

Jersey Shore: Does Angelina Deserve the Way She's Treated?

This week on Jersey Shore, Angelina got a ton of trouble from her housemates.

Does she deserve it?

On one hand, Angelina does cause trouble. She lied about having sex with Jose (she didn't), then turned around later and said she didn't when a housemate called her a whore. She danced with Snooki's former hookup (although in her defense, he probably approached her in search of more fame). She participates in arguments and things, but she is sometimes provoked.

On the other hand, the housemates are already against Angelina, so everything she does is magnified in their minds. When her used pad was found on the floor, someone put it in her bed. While she should have put it in the garbage properly, was it really her fault it ended up on the floor. It's also notable that when Snooki or the guys get laid, they get props from the housemates. When Angelina does it, she gets called a slut.

I thought about this when I heard about Angelina hanging out with Snooki's ex, Jeff Miranda, and saw the most recent episode of "Jersey Shore." Is Angelina specifically attracted to Snooki's exes? Is it a revenge thing? Or, does she just happen to like Vinny, Jeff and whoever that guy at the club was on "Jersey Shore" this week?

I really have no idea! What do you think?

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Michelle F. said...

I think she is a trouble maker! She starts drama and plays both sides! I def can't wait to see snooky beat her up next episode lol!