Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If You Really Knew Me: Everything's Bigger in Texas

If You Really Knew Me

Last night, MTV aired another episode of "If You Really Knew Me." This show truly teaches us a lesson about accepting people for who they are and learning what's the beneath the surface.

This week's episode featured students at Paris High School in Paris, Texas. It tackled everything from popularity to gender to race to poverty, because kids at this school struggled with all of these issues. While other episodes have been interesting, this one was pretty intense. We heard from kids whose parents walked away, kids who attempted suicide and kids who never got to be, well, kids.

This is a must watch show to open up your mind to the realities of the world, and I highly recommend "If You Really Knew Me" as a must watch show for teens and adults alike.

Before we leave this topic, here's a bit of naming sarcasm. A girl's name was Teighlor. Yes, Teighlor. Taylor is an awesome name, but seriously, Teighlor? Creative much, mom and dad?

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Some personal commentary

There's one particular article in this blog that generated some controversy. As I do at times, I made fun of some bad names that I saw on television. This is because I love names and being sarcastic. At times, I focus solely on bad names. A reader chose to criticize me for only seeing the names in the show and not focusing on the point of the program. Here's the thing - the point of this blog is to have fun, make fun and be sarcastic when necessary. This is not to always point out the positive. So, this person is more than welcome to make their comment, but it's a bit frustrating when I'm accused of missing the point when the information on the top of my blog clearly states that this blog is about being sarcastic. For more information about my feelings on baby names, read this blog entry.

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