Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Love Money: How Did You Make it Back Without Me Noticing?

"I Love Money" hit the airwaves again, and I can't believe I missed this! Well, I can, as VH1 barely publicized it. This season, the contestants are from "Megan Wants a Millionaire," "Rock of Love Bus", "I Love New York 2", "Real Chance of Love," "Daisy of Love," and previous seasons of "I Love Money."

If you remember, the last season of "I Love Money" (season 3) was unceremoniously yanked from the air when Ryan Jenkins, a contestant from "Megan Wants a Millionaire," killed his ex-girlfriend and then himself. "I Love Money" season 4 will feature ten episodes filmed before the murder took place.

The murder scandal caused VH1 to re-edit "I Love Money 4" to focus more on competition and less on relationships, and air on Thursdays at 11 PM. The show is also noticeably absent from VH1's website.

It seems that VH1 tried to ditch some of its trashy image after the Ryan Jenkins scandal, however, that's what we love about VH1: the trashiness. (The Ryan Jenkins thing was awful, though...don't get me wrong...but VH1's clean, fun trashiness is amazing.) There is no talk of filming a fifth season of "I Love Money," although I'd love to see more of it.

We found out that Chi Chi and Brittanya have been hooking up...and so have 20 Pack and Brittanya. Yikes, girl! 20 Pack is cool, but Chi Chi, ugh!

We see some key pairs broken up in "I Love Money." We've got Brittanya but no Ashley and Chi Chi but no Sinister. Although, Chi Chi did say he'd share is winnings with Sinister. I guess Daisy didn't ruin their friendship after all.

On this first episode, Mamacita dropped a giant fart on the crowd. Plus, Marcia proved that she still has a drinking problem. Classy, ladies!

Blonde Baller (Gold team) and Francisco (Green team) emerged as team captains, and Cheesy and someone I missed because my DVR cut off (grr) were kicked off the first episode of "I Love Money 4."

This season, airing on Thursdays, is sure to be interesting!

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