Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Love Money 4, Episode 3: Sassy Stands Up For Herself

I love I Love Money (and money itself...just saying).

This week on I Love Money, alliances formed. The Punisher tried to take control of his team's fate, even though he wasn't captain. Chi Chi won immunity and couldn't be kicked off of the show this week. Drama ensued.

Brittanya continued to use her looks to win her way through the game. While this is good for now, what happens if the game ends up with only girls at the end? Then what will Brittanya do?

The challenge this week was to jump across several beds without falling into the water. The idea behind this is that contestants on VH1 reality shows liked to 'jump from bed to bed,' meaning that the contestants love to sleep around. I wondered why no one even flinched when Craig said that...I guess it's true.

At the conclusion of this week's I Love Money, due to Sassy's decision, we said goodbye to Alex. Francisco, the favorite to leave, was kept in the game.

Strange Sex is also an awesome show.

I happened to find Strange Sex on TV and now I'm addicted. The show details people's sexual interests and dysfunctions in a documentary style show. Some people's stories are really interesting, like the guy who's into balloons, while others are more mundane. However, the psychology behind each person's preference (or lack of) is really fascinating.

One person on the show experienced pain while interacting intimately with her boyfriend. A doctor once told her that it was all in her head, and she later learned that it was not, which was a huge weight off of her shoulders. That being said, the issue wasn't resolved so it was sad to see this woman go through so much to correct a problem that she was unable to fix.

Bret Michaels' show, Life as I Know It, will return to television on October 18th. Will you be watching?

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