Monday, September 20, 2010

He's Got Abs, But Can He Dance? Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Hits "Dancing With the Stars"

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino made his non-fist-pumping-based dancing debut on "Dancing With the Stars."

So, how'd he do?

Well, despite the fact that he only had five days to practice due to "Jersey Shore" wrapping up season 3, rather than three weeks like the rest of the cast, he did pretty well.

Mike isn't necessarily a dancer, but he sure as heck is a performer! He does have some good moves, but his dance wasn't polished. However, with only five days of practice, he did really well! I think "The Situation" will certainly be a fan favorite, and even if his dancing skills never improve, he'll make it far in the competition.

I like that they labeled him as 'The Situation' on the screen tag in the bottom right hand corner of the bottom of the screen. I wonder if he even answers to 'Mike' anymore.

Mike Sorrentino's scores came in average, at 5, 5 and 5.

Also worth watching was Bristol Palin. She's terrified of the stage but definitely has dancing potential.

More Jersey Shore Drama

In other "Jersey Shore" news, Snooki's ex, Jeff Miranda, was spotted out on the town with his former rival, Angelina Pivarnick. When asked if there was anything going on between the two of them, Jeff stated "no comment." This screams 'publicity stunt' to me, but who cares? It's working!

If you remember, just weeks ago, Angelina attacked Jeff at a nightclub with a microphone. The Hollywood Gossip website brings up a good point about this unlikely duo, quoted below:

"But what's one microphone to the face between friends looking to mutually stick it to Snooki - and each other, in a different manner of speaking?"

And, on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" front, Kim Zolciak is releasing a new single.

Kim Zolciak's single "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" made us cringe. Not only was the song bad, but all I heard was 'Don't be toddy for the potty.' Anyway, Kim has released another cringe-worthy single...although it's actually a major step up from her first release. "Google Me" is actually a fun pop song, but it's just so...branded and narcissistic. Want to listen? Perez Hilton's got an advance version for us. Give it a listen. What do you think? No matter how bad it is, it's still way better than LuAnn De Lesseps' "Money Can't Buy You Class."

Speaking of "Real Housewives" and class, or lack thereof (Danielle Staub), Caroline Manzo admitted that she presented Bravo with an it's-us-or-them ultimatum for the next season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." Either Danielle Staub left or she did, and I'm sure she'd be taking Team Caroline with her. Subsequently, Danielle admitted she wasn't coming back, but claims it's on her own terms.


Anxiety Unmasked said...

Hey! I totally missed Dancing with the Stars! I really wanted to see it and it sounds like it was a sight to see. Thank you so much for the award!! I got stuck cooking dinner and watching NBC premier TV of The Event. It was alright, but I'm not really interested in another series of cliff hangers!

JoJo said...

I never watch Dancing with the stars, but I'm kind of curious to see how the situation performs now.

And yea right like Danielle "left on her own terms." She craves the drama and attention. God I really can't stand that woman!

Elisha said...

Would love to join you and jojo send the deets to