Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bridalplasty: Brides Get Free Plastic Surgery for Winning Challenges on TV. WTF?!?

When you and your mate choose each other, you the looks, personality and other factors of the other person. And while you each have flaws, your mate accepts them.

A new show aims to change this...well, at least the looks part. On E!'s upcoming show, "Bridalplasty," hosted by Shanna Moakler, brides-to-be will compete in wedding themed challenges to win a plastic surgery procedure of their choosing. These plastic surgery procedures will occur during the show, and each bride will debut her new look at the beginning of each episode.

The show will conclude with the winning bride debuting her new, plastic look to her fiance and the world at their "dream wedding." I think it might be more of a nightmare wedding if any of the brides end up looking like Heidi Montag.

There are so many things wrong with this show. First of all, your significant other should love you for who you are, not only if you have a new face. Secondly, how insecure must these women be to compete on TV for a new face? Thirdly, didn't anyone learn from Heidi Montag that too much surgery is too much? I highly doubt any bride on this show will give up the chance for surgery if she wins too many challenges. Plus, I bet all the brides on this show are pretty to begin with - they are cast on a TV show, after all.

I will admit, the chance for some free, minor plastic surgery is appealing. (What woman doesn't want their boobs to be perky forever?) But seriously, if you get lipo, a boob job, a nose job, your eyebrows lifted and your lips Botoxed, aren't you not truly yourself anymore? And should your man really want to marry you if you want to hate yourself enough to get that many surgeries at front of the world? Heaven forbid you have a less than perfect child - will you be giving your five your old cellulite treatments?

The news is stating that reality TV is getting harder to come by and may be past its peak. I think "Bridalplasty" pretty clearly indicates this. I love reality television, but this is just insane!

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Anxiety Unmasked said...

This is crazy and really disgusting. The media can no longer deny that they promote perfect appearance in society any longer! This is full fledged trash!