Monday, September 6, 2010

Boo & Woo Review for the Week Ending 9/5/10

Woo for an amazing food invention that I discovered yesterday: guacamole hummus. If you're like me, you have a tough time deciding whether you like guacamole or hummus more because they are both so good. This food only has 50 calories per serving and has the best of both guacamole and hummus.

Woo for Britney on "Big Brother." On the 9/5/10 episode, Britney felt the pressure as The Brigade stood against her. She lost the HOH challenge, and along with that, her hope of survival on the show.

The contestants faced the challenge of hiding a token where it could not be easily found. Britney, who is probably a shopper like myself and knows where to hide things where people won't find them as to not have to explain her purchases, hid her coin the best. She hid it inside a cereal box in the garbage can. The guys couldn't find her coin, and she prevailed as the winner of a $10,000 prize. Go, girl! Just because you're the last female in the competition doesn't mean you can't take it all!

Woo for a return to a three judge panel on "American Idol." Kara DioGuardi confirmed her departure from the show, and rumor has it that Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson will be the three "American Idol" judges next season. I'm bummed that Bret Michaels is out of the running, but I'd still rather see him on more "Rock of Love" shows than "American Idol."

Woo for the possibility of Teresa Giudice's sister-in-law joining the cast of "Real Housewives of New Jersey." Melissa Gorga, who is noted to be super rich, may join the show. Along with this news, Danielle Staub may depart. I think the addition of Teresa's SIL plus Danielle's departure will make this show much more enjoyable, although likely less dramatic.

Boo for "Bridezillas." I tried to watch this show yesterday and found it pretty intolerable. It may not have been the show itself, though. It may have been the woman featured on the show. I did some research, and the general complaint about the show these days is that it lost its charm when it seemed to become scripted, whereas old episodes were more realistic.

In any case, the woman featured in the episode I watched just seemed so fake. She said she and her now-fiance found out they were pregnant three weeks into their relationship. Is that even possible? Wouldn't that require them to have gotten pregnant on day one, and having her feel the signs of pregnancy two weeks later? I guess it's possible but it seems a bit exaggerated. That, or the fiance isn't the father. Anyway, this Bridezilla also claimed that her neighbor called her stating that she saw this woman's fiance making out with one of the bridesmaids. The bride didn't seem to care. She said that is an issue between her and her fiance and she can stay mad at him about it. What? Does that even make sense? I mean, yes, girls should blame their men for cheating, but the logic just seems a little bit weird. You aren't mad at your bridesmaid or your fiance for this? You want to look right past it as if nothing happened? I hate to say it, but this screams "scripted" to me.

If you remember, there was an issue where a "Bridezillas" participant violated her parole when she acted like a, well, Bridezilla on the show "Bridezillas." She claims that producers told her how to act, although the show denies that "Bridezillas" is scripted. I think there's a thin line between scripted and unscriptedness on reality television - even if producers make suggestions, that's not necessarily scripting. So, when the Bridezilla, Karee Gibson, went along with what she was told would make good TV, she screwed herself. Was it technically scripted? No. Was bad behavior encouraged? Definitely.

Boo for me digging clothes out of my year 2000 wardrobe and finding a shirt that says:

"who can resist a jewish girl"

I got this when the shirts that said things like, "Everyone loves an Italian girl" were all the rage. The shirt didn't bother me nearly as much then as it does now. First of all, what's with the lack of capitalization? Also, what's with the lack of punctuation? What this shirt is really saying is that someone with the name "who" can in fact resist a "jewish" girl. Secondly, Jewish should be capitalized. What's up with the lack of grammar, capitalization and punctuation, shirt makers?

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