Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Love Money 4, Episode 3: Sassy Stands Up For Herself

I love I Love Money (and money itself...just saying).

This week on I Love Money, alliances formed. The Punisher tried to take control of his team's fate, even though he wasn't captain. Chi Chi won immunity and couldn't be kicked off of the show this week. Drama ensued.

Brittanya continued to use her looks to win her way through the game. While this is good for now, what happens if the game ends up with only girls at the end? Then what will Brittanya do?

The challenge this week was to jump across several beds without falling into the water. The idea behind this is that contestants on VH1 reality shows liked to 'jump from bed to bed,' meaning that the contestants love to sleep around. I wondered why no one even flinched when Craig said that...I guess it's true.

At the conclusion of this week's I Love Money, due to Sassy's decision, we said goodbye to Alex. Francisco, the favorite to leave, was kept in the game.

Strange Sex is also an awesome show.

I happened to find Strange Sex on TV and now I'm addicted. The show details people's sexual interests and dysfunctions in a documentary style show. Some people's stories are really interesting, like the guy who's into balloons, while others are more mundane. However, the psychology behind each person's preference (or lack of) is really fascinating.

One person on the show experienced pain while interacting intimately with her boyfriend. A doctor once told her that it was all in her head, and she later learned that it was not, which was a huge weight off of her shoulders. That being said, the issue wasn't resolved so it was sad to see this woman go through so much to correct a problem that she was unable to fix.

Bret Michaels' show, Life as I Know It, will return to television on October 18th. Will you be watching?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glee Does Britney

This week, "Glee" did a Britney Spears episode.

I'm risking being hated for this, but I didn't love it. I am a Britney Spears fan, but I feel that the Glee cast did not do Britney's plasticky perfect music justice. Here's the thing, though - Britney's music is so processed that it's hard to match the perfection in real life. Practically no one can do it, even with the help of editing.

I did like that Britney did a guest spot on "Glee," and I liked that the cast took on her music. However, my favorite song of the episode was the Paramore song "The Only Exception."

I also enjoyed the Britney Spears references, like the use of the phrase, "It's Britney, Bitch" and "Leave Britney alone."

Michael and Chelsea were kicked off "Dancing With the Stars."

I would guess that this was due to a combination of not great dancing and not being a fan favorite. For example, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino could probably be really, really bad, but he'd stick around. I feel bad for Michael, though, because he looked devastated after learning that he'd been eliminated.

On "Teen Mom," Maci settled into her new home.

Maci struggled with being far from Ryan and having to take Bentley back to their hometown when Ryan wants to see him. Maci wants to co-parent with Ryan, but he makes it so difficult.

Amber was her usual angry, abusive self. Enough said.

Catelynn and Tyler dealt with not graduating from high school on time.

Farrah's lawyer got in touch with Kassy, who is the sister of Sophia's father. Kassy had gotten closer to accepting the idea of a paternity test. Farrah broke the news to her mom, who did not seem thrilled with Farrah reaching out to Derek's family, as she never liked them.

After that was said and done, Kassy reached out to Farrah and they agreed to meet up. Kassy showed up as planned and her daughter and Sophia got to meet. Kassy admitted that Derek really cared about Farrah, and presented Sophia with pictures of her father.

Kassy and Farrah seemed to take a good step in the right direction, but Farrah's mom brought Farrah right back down from the good place she found. I sometimes truly question her judgment.

I read in People magazine that Catelynn and Tyler, as of the interview in last week's magazine, are the only couple from "Teen Mom" that are still together. In her pictures, Catelynn looked great. She got a facial piercing and lost a ton of weight. Also according to the magazine, Amber's still studying for her GED, Maci's still seeing Kyle and Farrah's still single.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sister Wives: They Seem So Normal!

Sister Wives premiered last night.

It was a great watch! We saw polygamist Kody and his life with his three happy wives. The family seemed so normal - each wife had her own section of the home, the kids were happy and productive, and each of the wives valued education for their children.

One notable thing was the wives' views on sex. They are fully aware that each of the wives have sex with Kody, but are clear that the wives do not sleep with each other.

Meri, the first wife, was from a polygamist family and embraced the lifestyle. She planned to have a lot of kids, but it wasn't in the cards. She is happy that her daughter, Mariah, has half-siblings, but still wishes to give Mariah full siblings of her own.

Meri and the other wives do not press the polygamist lifestyle on their children. While it works for them, they do not expect their children to follow in their footsteps.

Kody and Meri both attracted Kody's additional wives to join the family - she was part of the appeal. So the women really are like sisters - they have a relationship outside of mutual husband Kody. Christine, wife number 3, is specifically lovable and is truly a mom to all of the kids.

It was strange that the moms and kids were totally okay with a new mom and her three kids joining the family. It's amazing that the family was so accepting - but I can't imagine being okay with it! I loved that Kody asked the family, kids included, how they felt about Robin (potential new mom) and her children joining the family. It was cool, but weird.

Jealousy does become an issue. However, the wives seem to work through it well and even help Robin pick out a wedding dress, as we see in the previews. This should be an interesting season of "Sister Wives."

This wouldn't be one of my blogs unless I mentioned names. While two of the wives have kids with normal names, wife Christine (who has long planned on being a polygamist - the third wife, specifically - and doesn't have a toaster because more people die from toasters than sharks every year) has kids with crazy names: Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel and Truely. Before Kody came out of the polygamist closet, I wonder how Kody explained having kids with normal names, as well as kids with strange names. (Note that Gwendlyn is actually pronounced as Gwendolyn, the normal way, and Paedon is like Payton.)

"Sister Wives" is a must watch show for anyone who wants to learn more about polygamy and the lifestyles within the culture.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love Money 4, Episode 2: Brittanya Causes Trouble

This week on "I Love Money," we saw Chi Chi's jealous side.

When Chi Chi found out that Brittanya had been (and still was) hooking up with 20 Pack, he got jealous and wanted revenge. As such, he ended up using his power to get 20 Pack kicked off of "I Love Money."

I really do feel bad for him - he probably gets rejected a lot, especially with a more attractive best friend like Sinister - but still. Did he really think Brittanya would pick him over 20 Pack? 20 Pack is way more attractive and secure in himself than Chi Chi. Once again, I feel bad for Chi Chi as he was in an awful situation, but I'm surprised that Brittanya even hooked up with him in the first place.

By the end of the show, Brittanya had won in her own way - she made peace with Chi Chi as friends (because she clearly doesn't want more than that), and helped to get 20 Pack off of the show. She'll still probably have lots of drama as the season continues, but at least this part is over.

Aside from this piece of drama, the main focus of the show was a kissing challenge, where team members had to transfer food from their mouths to the mouth of a 'taster' on their team. I seriously almost puked watching this, and have that feeling again now that I'm retyping it. As someone who doesn't love germs, this was absolutely appalling.

Even with the grossness, I'll continue to watch "I Love Money," as I love the show and am a huge Brittanya fan (despite the fact that I think as a parent, she should probably be a bit more mature than she has been).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jersey Shore: Does Angelina Deserve the Way She's Treated?

This week on Jersey Shore, Angelina got a ton of trouble from her housemates.

Does she deserve it?

On one hand, Angelina does cause trouble. She lied about having sex with Jose (she didn't), then turned around later and said she didn't when a housemate called her a whore. She danced with Snooki's former hookup (although in her defense, he probably approached her in search of more fame). She participates in arguments and things, but she is sometimes provoked.

On the other hand, the housemates are already against Angelina, so everything she does is magnified in their minds. When her used pad was found on the floor, someone put it in her bed. While she should have put it in the garbage properly, was it really her fault it ended up on the floor. It's also notable that when Snooki or the guys get laid, they get props from the housemates. When Angelina does it, she gets called a slut.

I thought about this when I heard about Angelina hanging out with Snooki's ex, Jeff Miranda, and saw the most recent episode of "Jersey Shore." Is Angelina specifically attracted to Snooki's exes? Is it a revenge thing? Or, does she just happen to like Vinny, Jeff and whoever that guy at the club was on "Jersey Shore" this week?

I really have no idea! What do you think?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If You Really Knew Me: Columbia High School

If You Really Knew Me...Another excellent episode

"If You Really Knew Me" took an interesting look at Columbia High School in South Carolina. The episode allowed us to glimpse at a primarily African-American high school, which is a contrast to the diverse or predominately white schools we've seen in other episodes of the MTV series.

As someone who attended a diverse high school, this episode of "If You Really Knew Me" was fascinating for me. It was interesting to see clique formation in a school where race wasn't a predominant factor in clique building, except to seemingly exclude those who are different.

When I went to high school, some sports, clubs and groups were diverse, whereas others were less divided. For example, most of the rich kids and alternative kids were of one or two specific racial backgrounds. In this school, people of African-American descent filled all of the stereotypes that we had in high school. For example, some kids are emo, some kids are fashionistas, and some kids are jocks. It proved that all schools have the same social construct, and individualism is universal. This may sound overly simplistic, but I didn't grow up seeing a lot of African-American emo kids, and I truly respect the fact that subcultures transcend racial backgrounds. It's just not something I'm used to seeing.

While I really enjoyed seeing one student bloom during Challenge Day, her name made me want to cringe. (Before you call racism on me or something, see my link above about baby names.) This girl had a great sounding name, but with a pretty tragic spelling. Her name was:


Brittianey, as a person, was awesome. Her personal style was fantastic. I really admire the fact that she was willing to be different. In fact, I strongly believe that your name helps to shape who you are, and Brittianey's strange spelling helped to shape her into the amazing, creative person that she is. However, the spelling of her name has way too many letters, and looks as if her parents made a bit of a mistake when spelling "Britain" and adding the -ee sound at the end. It looks like it should be pronounced Britt-ee-uh-nee.

I also admired another student, Julia, for facing the girl who made fun of her and helping her tormentor to change. While the bully's transformation seemed less than legit, I think Challenge Day helped Julia grow and accept herself as a person. Julia seems like a genuinely nice person, and I hope Challenge Day helped her peers to see her for who she really is.

On another note, American Idol announced the show's new judges

"American Idol" released the news that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will be the new judges on American Idol, accompanying returning judge Randy Jackson. It looks like the show is trying to take an edgy turn and regain viewers. Do you think it will work? I think it will at first, but won't have lasting power to regain and maintain viewers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teen Mom's Farrah Reaches Out to Her Deceased Boyfriend's Family

On "Teen Mom," Farrah addressed her issues with Sophia's deceased father.

Farrah had to reach out to the lawyers to collect Social Security money for Sophia. Farrah's clearly struggling, especially because she got scammed when she tried to sell her car. Hopefully everything will work out for her.

Apparently, her ex-boyfriend Derek's family never approved of their relationship. At her lawyer's request, Farrah reached out to her ex's sister, Kassy. (Not before trashing the family on TV, though.) Kassy agreed to take the paternity test, and Sophia took her test as well.

Unfortunately, Kassy did not take her paternity test, and without risking having to give Kassy visitation rights, Farrah and her lawyer can not force her to take the test.

In case you're interested, see the story of Farrah and her ex-boyfriend here.

Ryan and Maci had drama as well.

Maci broke the news that she's moving to Nashville. Ryan told her that she's selfish and only thinks about herself. She really isn't, but Ryan is selfish. If he hadn't broken her heart and been awful to her and Bentley, she wouldn't be leaving to be with Kyle at this point.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Is Coming Out With a Couture Fashion Line

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has a clothing line featuring 'couture' clothing. I'm using the term couture loosely.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of "Jersey Shore" fame has a 'couture' clothing line. The clothing line will feature t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories.

Um, wow. Just wow. Is dressing like "The Situation" not your thing? You can also dress like J-Woww, if you'd like, by dressing in her line, Filthy Couture.

Congratulations, "The Situation" and Karina Smirnoff for making it to week two of "Dancing with the Stars!" Unfortunately, we lost David Hasselhoff from the dancing competition. I guess people didn't learn to not hassle the Hoff.

Monday, September 20, 2010

He's Got Abs, But Can He Dance? Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Hits "Dancing With the Stars"

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino made his non-fist-pumping-based dancing debut on "Dancing With the Stars."

So, how'd he do?

Well, despite the fact that he only had five days to practice due to "Jersey Shore" wrapping up season 3, rather than three weeks like the rest of the cast, he did pretty well.

Mike isn't necessarily a dancer, but he sure as heck is a performer! He does have some good moves, but his dance wasn't polished. However, with only five days of practice, he did really well! I think "The Situation" will certainly be a fan favorite, and even if his dancing skills never improve, he'll make it far in the competition.

I like that they labeled him as 'The Situation' on the screen tag in the bottom right hand corner of the bottom of the screen. I wonder if he even answers to 'Mike' anymore.

Mike Sorrentino's scores came in average, at 5, 5 and 5.

Also worth watching was Bristol Palin. She's terrified of the stage but definitely has dancing potential.

More Jersey Shore Drama

In other "Jersey Shore" news, Snooki's ex, Jeff Miranda, was spotted out on the town with his former rival, Angelina Pivarnick. When asked if there was anything going on between the two of them, Jeff stated "no comment." This screams 'publicity stunt' to me, but who cares? It's working!

If you remember, just weeks ago, Angelina attacked Jeff at a nightclub with a microphone. The Hollywood Gossip website brings up a good point about this unlikely duo, quoted below:

"But what's one microphone to the face between friends looking to mutually stick it to Snooki - and each other, in a different manner of speaking?"

And, on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" front, Kim Zolciak is releasing a new single.

Kim Zolciak's single "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" made us cringe. Not only was the song bad, but all I heard was 'Don't be toddy for the potty.' Anyway, Kim has released another cringe-worthy single...although it's actually a major step up from her first release. "Google Me" is actually a fun pop song, but it's just so...branded and narcissistic. Want to listen? Perez Hilton's got an advance version for us. Give it a listen. What do you think? No matter how bad it is, it's still way better than LuAnn De Lesseps' "Money Can't Buy You Class."

Speaking of "Real Housewives" and class, or lack thereof (Danielle Staub), Caroline Manzo admitted that she presented Bravo with an it's-us-or-them ultimatum for the next season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." Either Danielle Staub left or she did, and I'm sure she'd be taking Team Caroline with her. Subsequently, Danielle admitted she wasn't coming back, but claims it's on her own terms.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Love Money: How Did You Make it Back Without Me Noticing?

"I Love Money" hit the airwaves again, and I can't believe I missed this! Well, I can, as VH1 barely publicized it. This season, the contestants are from "Megan Wants a Millionaire," "Rock of Love Bus", "I Love New York 2", "Real Chance of Love," "Daisy of Love," and previous seasons of "I Love Money."

If you remember, the last season of "I Love Money" (season 3) was unceremoniously yanked from the air when Ryan Jenkins, a contestant from "Megan Wants a Millionaire," killed his ex-girlfriend and then himself. "I Love Money" season 4 will feature ten episodes filmed before the murder took place.

The murder scandal caused VH1 to re-edit "I Love Money 4" to focus more on competition and less on relationships, and air on Thursdays at 11 PM. The show is also noticeably absent from VH1's website.

It seems that VH1 tried to ditch some of its trashy image after the Ryan Jenkins scandal, however, that's what we love about VH1: the trashiness. (The Ryan Jenkins thing was awful, though...don't get me wrong...but VH1's clean, fun trashiness is amazing.) There is no talk of filming a fifth season of "I Love Money," although I'd love to see more of it.

We found out that Chi Chi and Brittanya have been hooking up...and so have 20 Pack and Brittanya. Yikes, girl! 20 Pack is cool, but Chi Chi, ugh!

We see some key pairs broken up in "I Love Money." We've got Brittanya but no Ashley and Chi Chi but no Sinister. Although, Chi Chi did say he'd share is winnings with Sinister. I guess Daisy didn't ruin their friendship after all.

On this first episode, Mamacita dropped a giant fart on the crowd. Plus, Marcia proved that she still has a drinking problem. Classy, ladies!

Blonde Baller (Gold team) and Francisco (Green team) emerged as team captains, and Cheesy and someone I missed because my DVR cut off (grr) were kicked off the first episode of "I Love Money 4."

This season, airing on Thursdays, is sure to be interesting!

Meet the Newest NYC Housewife

Cindy Barshop Joins the "Real Housewives of New York City" Cast

Cindy Barshop will join the next season of "Real Housewives of New York City." Cindy, a medi-spa owner, will bring a new element to the NYC housewife scene. Her business specializes in hair removal and vajazzling. (You know, where they decorate your vagina.)

Not only does Cindy have a successful business, a connection to fame (she removed hair from the Jersey Shore men), and a penchant for decorating vaginas, she also has twin babies, making her the NYC housewife with the youngest kids. (Alex McCord, you know you're jealous!)

Joining the "Real Housewives of New York City" cast is an excellent career move for this money making diva. She'll bring in tons of new clientele to her medi-spa, Completely Bare, and share the concept of vajazzling with the world. Whether you end up loving or hating Cindy Barshop, you'll certainly be more aware of her business.

The real question is, will Jill Zarin cling to Cindy as a way to get back into the Real Housewives crowd? Or will Cindy join Team Alex and want nothing to do with Jill? Cindy is replacing Bethenny Frankel, so we'll see how this goes down.

Some Heidi Montag News

Heidi Montag's family will be shutting the doors of their family restaurant, The Timberline. Either the bad economy or Heidi's bad publicity destroyed the place. Realistically, I'm sure it was the economy, but Heidi did seriously screw up her family's reputation. Anyway, if you want to read about the closing and other drama from Heidi's mom, Darlene Egelhoff, you can read Darlene's blog here.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bridalplasty: Brides Get Free Plastic Surgery for Winning Challenges on TV. WTF?!?

When you and your mate choose each other, you the looks, personality and other factors of the other person. And while you each have flaws, your mate accepts them.

A new show aims to change this...well, at least the looks part. On E!'s upcoming show, "Bridalplasty," hosted by Shanna Moakler, brides-to-be will compete in wedding themed challenges to win a plastic surgery procedure of their choosing. These plastic surgery procedures will occur during the show, and each bride will debut her new look at the beginning of each episode.

The show will conclude with the winning bride debuting her new, plastic look to her fiance and the world at their "dream wedding." I think it might be more of a nightmare wedding if any of the brides end up looking like Heidi Montag.

There are so many things wrong with this show. First of all, your significant other should love you for who you are, not only if you have a new face. Secondly, how insecure must these women be to compete on TV for a new face? Thirdly, didn't anyone learn from Heidi Montag that too much surgery is too much? I highly doubt any bride on this show will give up the chance for surgery if she wins too many challenges. Plus, I bet all the brides on this show are pretty to begin with - they are cast on a TV show, after all.

I will admit, the chance for some free, minor plastic surgery is appealing. (What woman doesn't want their boobs to be perky forever?) But seriously, if you get lipo, a boob job, a nose job, your eyebrows lifted and your lips Botoxed, aren't you not truly yourself anymore? And should your man really want to marry you if you want to hate yourself enough to get that many surgeries at front of the world? Heaven forbid you have a less than perfect child - will you be giving your five your old cellulite treatments?

The news is stating that reality TV is getting harder to come by and may be past its peak. I think "Bridalplasty" pretty clearly indicates this. I love reality television, but this is just insane!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Speidi to Reconcile...As if They Ever Actually Broke Up

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have apparently considered calling off their divorce filing because they're soul mates.

Wait, what? Last month Spencer was trying to release a sex tape of Heidi and Karissa Shannon, and now they're ready to put this behind them? (Not that I believe the story Heidi's telling the press for a second - that Spencer found the video camera with the sex tape inadvertently and just happened to shop it around later.) Anyway, apparently Spencer took a private jet to a self-improvement retreat in Costa Rica and got caught in the country with guns, which he kept for protection.

Plastic Princess, I mean Heidi, stayed nearby at a resort.

Okay, so wait, they were separated, but staying near each other in tropical Costa Rica? They flew back together? And they the process of a divorce? Could you at least TRY to pretend this wasn't a publicity stunt?!?

So, wait, it gets worse. Apparently, in order to reconcile further, Spencer asked Heidi if he could participate with her in a walk to raise money for cancer. If this doesn't scream 'publicity stunt,' I don't know what does.

YEA! I won an award!

Thanks to Cinderella for presenting me with this award!

As a winner I get to pass this on to blogs that I like, so I award it to Dottie and Gina.

Congrats, enjoy & pass it on!

America Hates Michaele Salahi

Harsh, I know, but America hates Michaele Salahi.

Reports claim that "The Real Housewives of DC" is the only show of the "Real Housewives" franchise not to be a major hit - all because of Tareq and Michaele Salahi.

I will admit, they've pulled some ridiculous stunts, starting with sneaking into a White House dinner, then claiming Bravo told them not to talk about it, followed by claiming Michaele has Multiple Sclerosis (and didn't tell anyone due to shame), claiming she'll be posing nude for Playboy, and telling us that she's not anorexic.

Yeah, because we care that you're not anorexic. And, posing in a bikini to prove it doesn't help. How does an airbrushed publicity photo prove anything? I get that weight is a sensitive issue for everyone, but are we supposed to feel sorry for you being too thin when you eat cereal and salad as your only daily food intake? Please. If I could survive on cereal and salad, I'd do it too, and even if that's not anorexia, it's certainly pretty close.

The worst part is that Michaele is trying to create a correlation between her ultra thinness and her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Meanwhile, medically, there is no correlation, and people with MS, at least in my knowledge, do show some actual symptoms. She claims she's had MS for 17 years, but magically only has thinness to show for it? Please, I know how Multiple Sclerosis affects people in real life, and it certainly doesn't manifest itself in tanorexia. (Yes, you heard me, TANorexia...Michaele's tan and too thin!) I would eat a cookie on your behalf, Michaele, but like normal people, the calories will just go to my thighs.

Word has it that Michaele and Tareq are being fired from season two of "The Real Housewives of DC," so maybe season two won't be quite as awful.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Housewives Updates & Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is Conceited

Bethenny Frankel's show "Bethenny Getting Married?" was renewed for season 2.

Bethenny Frankel, the square-faced star who squared off with Jill Zarin on the "Real Housewives of New York" last season, has spread the word that her show was renewed for a second season. Not that I care, as I tried watching season one of "Bethenny Getting Married" and fell asleep whenever I tried to watch it.

What do you think of Housewives (and other famous-for-being-famous characters) getting spin-offs?

First we saw Bethenny move on, and now we'll see Danielle Staub host her own show (about being famous...haha) on Wealth TV. To take it a step further, it's also been stated that Angelina Pivarnick from "Jersey Shore" will be taking on a spin-off. I wonder if these will be as lame as Brody Jenner's "Bromance" show on MTV. Yeah, I barely remember it either.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is giving himself too much credit.

I guess now that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is going to be on "Dancing With the Stars," he thinks that he's actually a star. (Hello, DWTS mostly features D-listers, but whatever.) Reports claim that he says that he's a bigger star than Kim Kardashian.

First of all, who cares? What's the point of comparing yourself to another reality D-lister? Secondly, while you're both famous for the sake of being famous, at least Kim Kardashian had a big shot dad and a sex tape. Although I guess having sex in front of television cameras counts for something, even though you and your random hookups hide underneath the sheets.

Seriously, though, of all people, why use Kim Kardashian as a comparsion? And secondly, in my scale of famous people, Kim's still more influential than you are. The thing is, though, nobody cares. In five years, you'll probably both be begging People magazine for interviews.

Big Brother is over; Hayden won the competition & Britney won the vote as America's favorite (but lost part of her house to a fire).

Hayden Moss claimed the crown as the winner of "Big Brother 12," but what we really care about is that Britney Haynes claimed the title of America's favorite contestant. Unfortunately, Britney's home was damaged in a fire right as the "Big Brother" finale aired. Ouch, Brit! At least your $25,000 prize will help pay for the damages.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real Housewives Updates: NJ & DC

Today, in "Real Housewives" news...

Danielle Staub, the villainess of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" women, has managed to obtain her own reality show on Wealth TV. The show, called Social, will portray Danielle as an international socialite, attending parties and visiting fabulous homes.

Say what?

I'm sorry, since when is trash talking, my-bodyguard-has-a-gun Danielle Staub even remotely an international socialite? Whatever, add this to the list of trashy reality TV shows with less-than-Z-list celebrities.

Michaele and Tariq Salahi, the pair of rich (Tareq) and painfully skinny (Michaele) stars from the "Real Housewives of DC" television show, are claiming that Bravo told them not to talk about their White House dinner adventure. Bravo denies this and says that they fully encouraged the pair to speak with police and any other necessary authorities. Are you telling more lies, Salahi family?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Michelle Duggar Scared the Life Out of Me Today!

Michelle Duggar announced on "19 Kids and Counting" today that somebody is expecting a baby.

I think the world shared a look of collective horror.

Fortunately, the person expecting a baby was the wife of one of the "19 Kids and Counting" production assistants.

Thank goodness! I think the Duggars have enough babies!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Night Madness: Bachelor Pad & Dating in the Dark (9/13/10)

Bachelor Pad

Dave and Natalie emerged as the final two contestants on the season finale of "Bachelor Pad." This would be great for both of them, except that there is (theoretically) only one winner. However, this statement, which the contestants believed throughout the game, turned out to be a trick.

As a final challenge, Dave and Natalie were separated. Each was brought to a separate room. In each room was a sign with an option. One side says 'share,' and the other says 'keep.' If both people say share, they can share the winnings. If one says keep and one says share, the one who says keep takes all of the money. If both say keep, the money gets split among Dave and Natalie's former housemates. (This reminds me of the GSN game show hosted by Kennedy, Friend or Foe. Remember that?)

In the end,
Dave chose Share.
Natalie chose Share.

They decided to share. YEA!!! Friendship is a wonderful thing!

Dating the Dark

On "Dating in the Dark," we met a contestant named Kayla. Kayla (who we learn is turned on by deodorant) is one of the few contestants that will truly benefit from the dating in the dark experience. She's young, open minded, and ready to meet a guy based on his personality. I mean, everyone says that on this show, but for some reason I actually believe her.

We also met a young divorced woman (Suzanne), as well as a VIP host (Kahleel) who's probably just on "Dating in the Dark" to create a bit of fame for herself. Suzanne, the divorcee, seriously did not know when to shut up. I liked her and her fun attitude, but her serious oversharing issue turned off her date like crazy.

Two of the guys on the show were twins - that causes some interesting situations! I think the twins also benefit from the dating in the dark experience because they are judged independently, rather than as a pair. (However, if they truly wanted that, they wouldn't have come on the show together.) Still, it's an interesting idea.

At the end of "Dating in the Dark," Suzanne, Ray and Sean ended up choosing not to see anyone in the light. Kahleel and Kayla both chose Harrison. Following that, the tough choices began. Both Kayla and Kahleel decided to wait for Harrison, leaving the ultimate decision to him.

So, who did he choose?

He chose Kahleel! I feel like Kayla might be a better long term match for Harrison, but I also believe that Harrison and Kahleel will have some short term fun. Sorry, Kayla! I was rooting for you! In any case, there was no reason for Kahleel to be a jerk at the end - boo for you, Kahleel. At the very end, you say this victory is for all of the bullies in high school that made fun of you. You just were a bully yourself. Not cool, Kahleel.

Dancing with the Stars

"Dancing with the Stars" will take over ABC's 8 PM lineup next week. Are you ready for the 2 hour season premiere? I normally am not interested in Dancing with the Stars, but Bristol Palin and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino are sure to make this season interesting.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)

Chelsea Handler is the host of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Her opener was a bit weak. I did like how she came in under the guise of being Lady Gaga, but her speech overall left something to be desired. I like the fact that made fun of Snooki and of Kanye West's madness the year before, but aside from that, her performance was less than notable.

Chelsea Handler's jokes were pretty good throughout the VMAs. The line "Mariah Carey can't be here tonight because tomorrow is Nick Cannon's first day of preschool" (or something like that) was pretty funny.

The segment where Chelsea tried to remove Justin Beiber's hair because she swore it was a wig was pretty good too. Would I say Chelsea Handler's the best host ever? Absolutely not. But were her skits good? Yeah, I would say so.

Musical Performances

I will admit that I enjoyed Justin Beiber's performance, and I am not a Justin Beiber fan by nature. He put on a great show, though.

Taylor Swift put on a great performance, and Drake was also phenomenal. I've got to say, though, I'm biased towards Drake because I've been a fan since his Degrassi days.

As much as it pains me to say this, even the B.o.B. performance was good. I specifically do not like B.o.B. as an artist. In fact, I despise his song "Airplanes," and I think it's a raging waste of Hayley Williams' excellent talent. However, she sang the song well live, so it gave the song some redemption. I really don't like her singing in the recorded version.

Overall, the highlight of the 2010 VMAs were the musical performances. These were good. The musical performers really performed. They didn't stand on stage and simply sing; they put on a show. This must have been an absolutely thrilling experience for live viewers in the VMA audience.

Random VMA stuff

Lindsay Lohan's appearance on the show was interesting. It was interesting that she was willing to bring her alcohol problems to light, but it wasn't done in a particularly funny or entertaining way.

There was a rumor going around that Nicki Minaj and Drake were secretly married. I'm going to say this isn't so, as one of Nicki's lines when presenting an award had to do with her being single.

A New TLC Reality Show About Polygamy: Sister Wives

A new show will be premiering on TLC on September 26, 2010 at 10 PM.

The show's title? Sister Wives.

The topic? Polygamy. Although the show wants you to call it Plural Marriages.

The show will feature a family with one husband, three wives, and thirteen children (and another on the way) who reside in Utah. (Yes, this polygamist family still has less kids that Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar!) The show will take us into the lives of Kody Brown and his three wives, plus the life of the soon-to-be fourth wife and her kids.

The show portrays the Brown household and details how the wives interact (smoothly, it seems, although it can be difficult and heartbreaking) on a day-to-day basis. Note that Kody is actually only legally married to one of his wives (as is the legal practice) and the others are considered spiritual wives.

First wife Meri has one child, wife Janelle has six kids, and Christine has five and is currently pregnant. New wife Robyn has three kids from a different relationship who will become stepsiblings to Kody's kids.

"Sister Wives," a seven episode series, will bring to the world's view a secret that Brown has kept until this time. So, recent news stories and the show's airings will likely be the first glimpse into Kody Brown's multiple marriage lifestyle for many of his coworkers and acquaintances.

I am very much looking forward to this show. It's time that we took a real life at real life multiple marriage situations. We've seen Big Love on HBO, but as a scripted show, this doesn't have the truth behind it that only an unscripted television show can. I think America should better understand polygamy, its tie to lifestyle and religion, and the principle behind it. While it may not be the choice for all of us, people are involved in polygamy voluntarily, and as human beings, we should accept this.

The Special Sunday Night Pre-VMA Episode of "Jersey Shore" (9/12/10)

On "Jersey Shore," Angelina regretted her relations with Vinny.

I have to say, it's a pretty bad idea to hook up with someone you can't stand (and you live with), especially when you're seeing someone else.

However, it was still bad when the "Jersey Shore" cast members trashed Angelina for 'smushing' Vinny. While it's awkward that she's now slept with three cast members, isn't that what this show is about? In any case, jealousy showed its true form when Snooki said she was disgusted that she'd tried to hook up with Vinny (but he was too big), and Angelina did soon after. Snooki's jealousy was evident when she called Angelina's private bits 'loosey goosey' for fitting Vinny's large man parts. (You know what I'm saying!)

I do respect the fact that the "Jersey Shore" guys stuck up for Jose, who Angelina's dating. They stated that they actually liked him. Angelina claims she's single, though, so if she really is, she's allowed to 'smush' whoever she wants.

It turns out that Angelina hung out with Jose the very next day, and the "Jersey Shore" housemates thought that Angelina owed Jose an explanation of last night's rendez vous. But does she really? If they're just dating, and not exclusively, does she really have to tell? Who's to say that Jose isn't 'smushing' other girls, as well?

Later in the episode, Angelina (who was called the Staten Island Ferry - everyone gets a ride and it's free), spent a night at the club with Jose. Mike made Angelina tell Jose that she 'hooked up' with Vinny - but to Jose, that didn't necessarily mean sex, and Angelina planned to keep it that way.

What do you think? Was Angelina allowed to 'smush' whoever she wants, or is she technically in a relationship with Jose, the guy who buys her everything she wants? Additionally, was Angelina required to tell Jose about her sexual relations with Vinny when she saw him the next day?

Vinny's family was amazing.

I loved Vinny's uncle who didn't speak his words clearly. I love how he did a toast to everyone, calling Mike "Sanitation" and J-Woww "J-Lo." Very funny!

Vinny's mom's meal seemed amazing. I got super hungry just looking at everyone in their food comas. Real Italian food is amazing.

Vinny's uncle (with his beer belly) seemed quite enamored with J-Woww. Vinny (who really found his voice this season) said his uncle doesn't get out much, so the "Jersey Shore" girls must look good to him. Ouch, that's certainly calling out the girls as being 'grenades!'

What do you think of Vinny's changes from "Jersey Shore" season one to "Jersey Shore" season two? He certainly found his voice! Last season, we didn't see or hear much from Vinny (except when he dated the same cougar that his landlord dated), and this season we're getting much more Vinny screen time and controversy. Thoughts?

Mike and Pauly both brought girls home to their shared room to get their 'smush' on.

This did not work out well. Mike's girl admitted, once back at the "Jersey Shore" house, that she has a boyfriend. Both girls ended up leaving. I bet the girl who has a boyfriend on this episode no longer does, as he's now seen his girl with her butt all up in The Situation's face.

Would you break up with your significant other if they pulled what Mike's girl did on "Jersey Shore?" Or would you forgive it since nothing happened and she got her 15 minutes of fame?

A girl came over to the house and said that all of her friends are 'grenades.'

I bet she lost a bunch of friends after saying that on TV. Why not just say they're busy or not interested in being on television? Even worse is that Mike made a sandwich and watched Pauly and the redheaded girl do the nasty. She ended up calling out her friends and admitting on national TV that she's okay with people watching her get down and dirty.

Pauly and Vinny both met girls that they liked.

Pauly and his girl had a great date, but Vinny's girl, Ramona, stood him up. Vinny didn't deserve that! He really liked Ramona, bought her flowers, and planned a great date. At first, she backed out at the last minute, then agreed to come when Vinny begged. However, all was not well. Vinny got super excited, and the girl decided to never show up. Sorry, Vinny! You don't deserve that!

Random: is having a huge blowout sale.

Just an FYI in case you're looking for a GPS or anything. I thought of this because my GPS is about to give out & needs replacement ASAP.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Two-Day Shopping Extravaganza

For the past two days, my friend and I embarked on a journey: we indulged in some major retail therapy. Fortunately, I found some killer pieces to update my fall wardrobe, some of which were military chic.

A few key points were learned or reinforced this weekend:

1. The sales staff at Nordstrom is amazing. They're so nice and incredibly helpful. I met an amazing salesgirl with a great sense of fashion, and a major willingness to help. My friend and I were primarily looking for a dress for my friend to wear to a formal event, and the girl who helped us was great. She helped us choose items, find sizes and even talked about fashion with us.

2. Kelsi Dagger is an amazing brand of shoes. Love it.

3. The staff at Macy's is a lot less helpful than the staff at Nordstrom. A cashier pretty much refused to ring my friend and me up, stating that 'her register doesn't take coupons.' Say what? My friend pressed the issue, and magically, the register worked. We think she wouldn't help us because she wouldn't make commission off of our sale, but our purchases help to keep her job in existence, so a little help would have been nice.

4. Dresses at White House, Black Market are gorgeous...but only on the rack. When you put them on, they seem to do a lot less justice on the body than they do on the hanger. The only exception to this seemed to be when this gorgeous, super tall (think Amazon sized) woman with zero percent body fat tried a dress on. But then again, she would have looked good in a dress made out of plastic grocery store bags.

Anyway, I got some amazing pieces at Nordstrom.

The first was a military jacket from the brand Rubbish. This piece is warm, yet much more versatile than a hoodie or something of the sort. I'm not entirely in love with the large neck on the jacket, but other than that, it's a great fit and well worth the price.

I also acquired some absolutely amazing shoes by the brand Trouve. It's a little bit difficult walking in them, but they are so hot that the pain is totally worth it.

I also ended up with a Jessica Simpson hat much like this one, but without the gems on it.

Overall, this was a fantastic shopping weekend. I need to write an email to Nordstrom saying how awesome their sales team members are. I seriously felt like I was in a parallel universe because people were so nice, friendly and helpful. Also, the sales team members were fashionable and accurately represented the Nordstrom image, which is very important. I certainly can't say the same for the staff at Macy's, with the exception of a few people and the guy at the MAC makeup counter, who was awesome.

Oh, yeah, the Coach Poppy perfume is amazing. I wanted to buy it, but couldn't justify spending $60 on it when I already have so much unused perfume at home. It's definitely going to be a must buy item sometime in the future.

Want to read more about my shopping experience and my thoughts on the retail experience? Click here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Jimmy Choo & Ugg Collaboration (Jimmy Chuggs) are on sale!

The Jimmy Choo / Uggs "Jimmy Chuggs" collection is now on sale.

The shoes are not attractive.

After months of waiting and anticipation, I saw the “Jimmy Chuggs” collaboration on today. It looked like someone took some nice, comfortable, plain Uggs and attacked them with a Bedazzler and some fringes.

There are no Jimmy Choo-style high heels or characteristic glitter or gemstones. It just looks like someone with a cowboy sense of style took a pair of Uggs and stapled on some fringes and silver star gems.

Thank goodness I don’t like them, because they start at $495, and I do not want to spend that when I have perfectly good $40 Bearpaw sheepskin boots at home.

If you want to see the Jimmy Choo / Uggs collaboration, the “Jimmy Chuggs” are linked from the homepage at

To read my full review of the "Jimmy Chuggs" collaboration, click here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Brother 12 & Jersey Shore - Thursday Night Reality Television

Big Brother 12: It's almost finale time

We learned on "Big Brother" tonight that Enzo's fate in the game rests in Lane or Hayden's hands. Uh, oh! He must be nervous!

Wednesday night (at 9/8 central) will bring us the "Big Brother 12" season finale, in which we will learn which participant will win the coveted $500,000 prize.

Jersey Shore: More drunken madness

Here's a quick recap of "Jersey Shore," on which nothing new and exciting happened, I hate to say:

Girls fought. Guys fought. Girls and guys fought.
Sammi found out that Snooki and Jenni were responsible for writing the note about Ronnie hooking up with other girls.
The guys were turned off by a girl with a "giant herpe" on her lip. I feel bad for that girl, who has now been called out on TV for having a cold sore.
Angelina and Ronnie got down and dirty. We'll see how this one plays out.

Random: Kat Von D is not pregnant...thank goodness

Rumor had it that Kat Von D is pregnant with her boyfriend's child. Fortunately, this is not true, as it's a new relationship. That's normal. But why is this even more fortunate? Because Kat Von D's beau is none other than neo-Nazi, cheating, awful Jesse James! I'm all for people getting second chances, but Kat should probably take a glance at some recent tabloids. He cheated on his former wife Sandra Bullock, for goodness sake!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Brother 12: Bye Bye, Britney!

Britney, we are sad to see you go from the Big Brother house. You brought some powerful, fun energy onto the show. I'm hoping you'll be the winner of the audience's choice $25,000 prize. (And while winning $500,000 would be amazing, $25,000 isn't bad at all!)

Here's news for Hannah Montana fans: Did you think Miley Cyrus was going to be the only famous kid in the family? Billy Ray Cyrus and son Trace Cyrus plan to host a show about paranormal activity on the SyFy network.

The rumors about Danielle Staub leaving "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" have been confirmed. Do you hear me, "Real Housewives of New Jersey" fans? We're finally free of Danielle Staub, the lying, manipulative embarrassment to New Jersey. Thank goodness. First of all, I wasn't a fan of hers, and secondly, this is excellent for the other NJ housewives as well as her kids. Based on the reputation she's created, her kids are suffering, and that's fortunately going to stop.

The Heene family, featured on "Wife Swap" and the stars of the 'Balloon Boy' scandal, have left their native Colorado to pursue a life in Florida. Hopefully their kids can get a sense of normalcy in their new town. The 'Balloon Boy' scandal was definitely shady, and unfortunately, the kids are probably the ones to suffer most from it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teen Mom: A Rant About Ryan & Episode Recap

On "Teen Mom," Ryan's parents noted that they wanted a 50/50 split between Maci and Ryan to spend time with Bentley.

While I think children deserve to see both of their parents, can anybody really argue that Ryan's been a pretty awful (ex)boyfriend to Maci and father to Bentley? It seems now that Ryan has a new girlfriend, he's trying harder, but still. It's too little, too late.

Maci noted that Ryan's child support payments directly correlate with the time Bentley spends with Ryan. Basically, the more time Ryan spends with his son, the less money he owes Maci. It seems Maci thinks that Ryan wants more time so he can pay less money.

It's strange to me that Ryan's suddenly getting territorial about Bentley and is willing to take Maci to court over his custody, especially considering that Ryan wanted nothing to do with Bentley during most of Teen Mom season one. I think that Ryan is being manipulated by his new girlfriend, who should have absolutely no say over Bentley.

Ryan's lawyer asked him to get a paternity test. Shady! Then, the lawyer told Ryan that he could block Maci from moving if he places a lawsuit against her. Ryan can't afford the lawyer, and he's asking his parents to pay for it. He's asking his parents to be jerks to block Maci from being happy so he can see the baby he didn't care about until his new girlfriend told him to. UGH!!!

Ryan served Maci with papers from his lawyer stating that Bentley should spend three days with Ryan and three with Maci. Maci argued that this makes no sense, because Bentley won't have a permanent home. Maci told Ryan that she'd never take Bentley away from him, but this was unreasonable. Ryan seemed to take pride in the fact that he was squashing Maci's plans to move. Like a mature adult, she agreed to go to court, despite the fact that Ryan only wanted to go to make Maci's life more difficult. (Oh yeah, and to see his son - but do we really believe that's his intention? I think it's just so his new girlfriend can show her dominance.)

You stink, Ryan! Maci doesn't deserve this!

Also, Catelynn's mom tried to be a good mom.

On last week's "Teen Mom," Catelynn's mom flew into a (possibly drug induced) rage at Catelynn, just for the sake of her existence. This week, Catelynn's mom acted like a real mom and took her dress shopping.

While shopping for prom dresses, Catelynn chose a dress that looked seriously awful on her. While her presentation was rough, Catelynn's mom did have a point about the dress looking awful on Catelynn. I agree with Catelynn - her angry reaction towards the dress may have been anger towards her daughter, but Catelynn really did look awful in the red prom dress!

While Catelynn's mom did try to be a good mom, things went from okay to awful in a matter of moments.

I feel awful for Catelynn - her mom treats her terribly, and Catelynn definitely doesn't deserve it. Living with her mom is so unhealthy - Catelynn needs to get out. It's a great thing that Catelynn and Tyler didn't keep Carly at home, being that it's such a scary, unhealthy environment. I feel terrible for Catelynn's young brother! I don't think children should have to deal with their parents insulting them and putting them down the way Catelynn's mom does.

Fortunately, Catelynn's mom stepped up into her mom role before prom, which was nice because Catelynn so desperately wants her love and attention. Congratulations, Catelynn and Tyler, for winning Prom King and Queen!

Farrah stood by the fact that her mom didn't get anything out of attending counseling.

To be honest, I agree with her. I think her mom has deep seeded issues that need to be addressed. Farrah admitted that she attends counseling, and her mother should do the same because she needs and wants to, not because it's court ordered. I think Farrah and her mom should go to family counseling - it will probably do wonders.

Fortunately, Farrah agreed with my sentiment and invited her very happy mother to go to counseling with her. While Farrah tried hard to make the session work, I just sense fakeness from her mom. Her mom said she just wants Farrah to be happy, and she wants them to be best friends like they used to be. Not that I know Farrah and her mom Debra outside the show, but I highly doubt Farrah was ever truly happy in her mom's home, and I highly doubt that they were ever best friends!

Did you notice that Farrah's mom couldn't think of any way to show that she loves her? She said that she can provide help and pray for her, but that's not really about Farrah at all.

The therapist pointed out that Farrah was closed off to her mom, but she did get Farrah to admit that she wanted to be closer to mom Debra. That's a big step towards them both breaking down their barriers and meeting at a halfway point.

Farrah and her mom later hung out together with Sophia, and it seems like things took a turn for the positive.

This week we celebrated Amber's birthday, and she and Gary fought.

No further explanation is needed. This is the same as usual...fight, make up, fight, make up, blah, blah blah. Shame on Gary's friends, though, for instigating the fight.

Before we end this post, here's a review of this week's episode of ABC Family's "Melissa and Joey."

"Melissa and Joey" got its edge back this week. While the show doesn't seem remotely appropriate for the ABC Family network, it is funny, and it's great that Melissa Joan Hart is willing to play a more risque character than her clean cut roles on "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" or "Clarissa Explains it All." I absolutely loved the cameo appearance by Christopher Rich, who played Reba's ex-husband Brock on the show "Reba."

One more thing - A recap of the MTV show "If You Really Knew Me."

This week's episode of "If You Really Knew Me" was especially interesting because it showed us a different type of high school - an arts high school. Students attend the Denver School of the Arts by choice, and unlike typically divided schools, kids divided themselves between the 'on stage,' 'artsy' and 'behind the scenes' kids. This episode is very interesting, and it's enjoyable and enlightening to watch the art school students break down the barriers between the confident on-screen kids and the more humble behind-the-scenes students. This is an excellent episode of an altogether excellent show.