Saturday, August 28, 2010

Woo and Boo Review for the Week ending 8/29/10

Woo for Perez Hilton making a cameo on the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. I believe Perez reported on the feud between Jamie Lynn Spears and Victoria Justice during the run of Zoey 101. I think the feud caused Victoria to be written off the show. Now, Victoria's got a new show and newfound fame, while Jamie Lynn Spears now has a baby and a broken relationship.

Woo for the theoretical Drake and Nicki Minaj marriage. Drake and Nicki Minaj would make a very musical couple! I'd love to see the music - and babies - they create together. If this is true, may you have many years of wedded bliss. If not, why not consider getting married - you could make great music together!

Woo for Miley Cyrus' Max Azria fashion line for Walmart. I checked out the selection of clothes and I think the line is fantastic. Granted some of the clothes aren't my style personally, and some pieces are a bit revealing for a teenager, but the tank tops and shoes are fun, high quality and affordable. The six dollar tank tops come in fun colors and are made of great materials. Plus, the colors (silver, pink, burgundy, blue, gray, purple and more) are great!

Boo for Paris Hilton being arrested for cocaine possession. Haven't you learned your lesson, Paris? First marijuana possession, now cocaine? Seriously, Paris, being an heiress can't get you out of everything, and you've already been to jail once. Why go for a second round?

Boo for Melissa and Joey not being as good as it was during week one of the ABC Family series. It was still funny, but the comedic edge in week one was lost in week two. I still think Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence make a great team, though, so hopefully the show will pick up.

Boo for Emilio's actions on Jersey Shore. When Snooki tried to give him another chance, stating that she hung out with her 'gay friends,' he got mad and said he was going to go on a date with lesbians. Really, Emilio? Very mature. Although it seems that he was already over the relationship and was simply looking for a way out. Nice work, Emilio, using Snooki for some fame and then dropping her like a brick in front of the world on an episode of Jersey Shore. Snooki deserves better than that! (We love Jersey Shore!)

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