Sunday, August 15, 2010

Woo and Boo Review for the Week ending 8/15/10

Woo for the premiere of "Bachelor Pad" on ABC. Also, props to E! for airing the "True Hollywood Story" featuring former bachelor contestants. Special woo for featuring my favorite Bachelor contestant, Erica Rose.

Woo for the continuation of "Degrassi: The Boiling Point. This allows me to get a full batch of Degrassi episodes out of the way in a short period of time, rather than in the new one week, then skip a few, then back again format. Degrassi is one of those shows we hate to love, so it's best to watch it all at once, rather than dragging it out over time.

Woo for Tony Danza's upcoming reality show. The show, which will air on A&E, has a strange but interesting concept. He'll be teaching urban 10th grade kids. Looks like it might be interesting!

Woo for the girls on Jersey Shore reaching out to Angelina to make peace. Instead of being mean girls, the Jersey Shore "Guidettes" (their word, not mine) should try to get along! Girls should stick together, not put each other down. That being said, I have to laugh at the claim made by Snooki (our favorite reality train wreck turned bobble head doll) that she's too pretty to be in jail. Then again, maybe there's something to be said for that. Toddler and Tiaras taught us the similar, important lesson that 'it's harder for a jury to convict a pretty person.' Oh, the things we learn on reality TV.

Boo for the possibility of "20 Kids and Counting" hitting the airwaves. The Duggar family stated that they would have more kids if they were blessed with them. Isn't it enough that your first grandchild is younger than your youngest child? Or your youngest was born severely premature? I understand that children are a blessing, but Michelle, if anything happened to you, would your older kids be forced to raise the younger kids?

Boo for a statement spoken on VH1's Money Hungry. I'm not sure if I was watching a rerun, but still, this is worth noting. A male contestant had a crush on a dynamic female named Jamie. His setback? His team partner had a crush on him. So, how did he describe the problem? He said something like, "The football player has to date the cheerleader, not the girl in the band." Say what? This proves, once again, that high school is forever. He could have said "I really like Jamie, and while my partner is fantastic, she's not my type." Way to bring this all back to the high school level, and how are you the football player, anyway, dude? I just don't see it.

Boo for The Real Housewives of DC being such a letdown. We expected more after the Michaele and Tareq controversy. Step it up, Real Housewives! You're sinking! Step back up to the amazing drama we saw on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Real Housewives of New Jersey and Real Housewives of New York.

Boo for Kara DioGuardi learning that she'd been fired from American Idol through a newspaper article. Sorry, Kara! It might be good that you escaped now, though, because American Idol has jumped the shark, gotten eaten by said shark, came back to life and is preparing to jump the shark again.

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i'm a sucker for reality tv! So glad i found your blog on Meet and Greet Monday!