Sunday, August 22, 2010

Undercover Boss: White Castle

This week's "Undercover Boss" featured an executive from White Castle working at the White Castle bakery, frozen factory and several food service locations. This episode was particularly notable because the executive was a legacy - he inherited his position from being the great grandson of the company's founder. It turns out, he was incredibly disconnected from the everyday workings of White Castle's operations.

The executive, Dave Rife, was pretty awful at a lot of the jobs that he was assigned to do. In fact, he was so bad that he caused tons of waste. (This caused me to laugh because his coworker said that 'waste feeds the hogs,' but really, this influenced me to think about how much of a pig I feel like when I eat White Castle food.)

This episode of "Undercover Boss" wasn't as uplifting as the 1-800-Flowers episode. While the show did create good public relations for the company, it also showed a negative side. We saw a negative side of the company, including bad local management and unhappy workers. Not that working at a cash register is supposed to be thrilling, but there was a lot of craziness behind the counter at White Castle stores.

In the end, the episode of "Undercover Boss" was a good one because it was very real. Unlike the 1-800-Flowers "Undercover Boss" episode, we saw a lot of gritty stuff that happens at White Castle. This episode wasn't as neat and clean. It didn't end with perfect sunshine and flowers like the 1-800-Flowers episode did; it had more reality behind it.

It was notable that the owner stated that he used to have a weight problem. Honestly? Is anyone surprised? He works for White Castle, the land of fatty cheeseburgers and encouragement to stuff your face with Crave Cases. At the end of the episode, Dave states that he wants to create a wellness program, but seriously? How is that even possible when you give employees free White Castle food to eat for lunch? I'm not convinced that there is one healthy option on the White Castle menu.

Overall, this was a good "Undercover Boss" episode, but I wasn't as enamored as I was with the 1-800-Flowers episode.

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Anxiety Unmasked said...

I love this show! I haven't seen the 1-800 flowers episode! I need to, now, since you recommend it. Well, the White Castle episode was aaaallloott more heart warming than the Hooters one!!