Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Night Television

Melissa and Joey

As far as Tuesday night scripted TV goes, "Melissa and Joey" got some of its edge back this week. This week's episode still wasn't as good as the pilot episode, but the awkward situations were fun to watch. Plus, Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence really do have fantastic chemistry when it comes to the on-again-off-again secret attraction to each other.

While I'd love to see "Melissa and Joey" last, I think this is going to be the kind of series that lasts one season and falls off the face of the earth. Although this could be wrong because it's an ABC Family show, and if enough people watch, this show may stay on the air until it jumps the shark...then lands safely and jumps the shark again.

I'm Pregnant and...A Nudist

This week's "I'm Pregnant and..." featured a pregnant woman who decided to continue her life as a nudist throughout her pregnancy. This episode was a lot lighter than last week's "I'm Pregnant and...HIV Positive," but was still a must watch.

This episode of "I'm Pregnant and..." Sherri, a nudist mom-to-be whose grandmother founded a nudist colony, made the decision to raise her child, Olivia, in the nudist tradition, the way that she was raised. The problem? Her husband is not a nudist. However, he accepts her lifestyle.

The show explores nudism as a lifestyle choice, rather than something stigmatized that people simply do. Sherri and her husband agree on the fact that they support nudism for their child, however, they will certainly not force the lifestyle on their child. Brittany, Sherri's sister disagrees. She states that the young child does not have a choice in the matter, which makes her uncomfortable.

A main point of the episode is that nudists are normal. Aside from being naked (which is obviously non-traditional), nudists are typical people who do not enjoy wearing clothing. It should be noted that nudists are respectful - the hostess decided to stay clothed in order to make the non-nudists feel comfortable.

Sherri is very responsible about nudism. She sees a therapist about her nudism and the possibility of raising a nudist child. She strongly considers Olivia's potential future feelings and parenting issues she may face.

Realistically, raising your child is a nudist is similar to raising your child in a particular religion. No matter what you choose, someone will disagree with your lifestyle decision. As parents, the choice is Sherri and Edward's (Olivia's dad), and they are handling it properly.

Plain Jane

This was my first attempt at watching "Plain Jane." On "Plain Jane," host Louise Roe takes on a target each week. The target is a girl classified as 'plain.' Louise's job is to transform this boring girl into a fun, attractive girl. At the end of the episode, the girl must take her crush out on a date. The appeal of the show is to watch a girl suffer, then get brought back up, and finally end up with her man or get dumped on national television.

This show is another typical makeover, ugly-duckling-to-swan show. I can do without it. We see a girl who plays it safe, and in the span of one neat and clean hour, she gains style, fashion sense and confidence, and is ready to face the world. Sorry, this show is not a winner. While I typically actually watch television shows, I was able to skip through most of this one and still figure out exactly what was going on.

Teen Mom

This week's "Teen Mom" brought us some happiness for Maci, which is wonderful. She's truly a kind and wonderful person, and deserves happiness in her life. However, Maci struggled when her boyfriend Kyle asked her and Bentley to come live near him. That's a big change for a teen mom with a baby! Maci ultimately made the decision to move to Nashville to be near Kyle.

We watched Farrah, stressed from being scammed out of $3,000 and losing her free babysitting, take a chance at speed dating. It was interesting to watch her dating experience, but it seemed that talking about her daughter scared guys off. Unfortunately, the dating did not work out, and Farrah didn't have any luck finding a good man.

Amber contemplated completing high school. Gary wasn't exactly thrilled with Amber's plan to pay $355 to finish high school, mainly because a GED costs $60. Amber, after seeing a counselor, selected the GED option because it's best for her family. Normally, I might say she should select the HS diploma if it makes her happy, but this allows her to set her sights on a college diploma, which will probably help her obtain a better job so she can support Leah.

Amber ended up taking her GED test, and it did not turn out well. She cried throughout the test and ultimately ended up failing the test. Sorry, Amber! I'm still rooting for your success!

Catelynn and Tyler's relationship passed its rough patch and moved back into a good place. However, Tyler faced a personal struggle because his dad was forced to leave and go to rehab. Tyler looked at the bright side and noted that at least is isn't jail. He still was affected, though, which was evident from his reaction after his father left from breaking the news.

We learned that Tyler's father is in rehab for cocaine use. Knowing that, it's easy to see why Tyler's so affected! That's a lot to deal with while growing up. Catelynn's mom apparently doesn't deal well either - she freaked out at Catelynn for pretty much no reason. Fortunately, Catelynn reached out to make peace, as that is the mature thing to do.


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