Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Touching Episode of "I'm Pregnant and..."

This week's "I'm Pregnant and..." featured a woman who is HIV positive.

Her situation was scary - she dated a man who lied to her about having HIV. He told her that he had a brain infection when symptoms occurred. She found out from his mother that he had AIDS and had known before their relationship began.

She got tested and the test came back negative. She then got into a new relationship and explained her situation to her new boyfriend. They decided to get pregnant. During the course of her pregnancy, Tashala took a series of blood tests. One was an HIV test, and it came out positive.

Her now-husband stuck by her. It was amazing. He took an HIV test and it came out negative. They are now expecting another baby. Their fear is that they will pass on the HIV virus to the baby.

It's touching to see how responsible Tashala is. She's taking her medications to minimize the presence of the virus, and she's doing her best to stay healthy for her baby. She's dealing with so much guilt knowing that she may pass the virus on to her baby, and the baby will suffer. However, she's pressing on and continuing to survive and live her life.

I give Tashala and her husband so much credit. They are facing a tough situation that occurred from a mistake. They face sickness, alienation from friends, and so much more, but they are facing it head on.

The baby, fortunately, was born HIV negative. It was a major relief for the family, and understandably so.

This episode of "I'm Pregnant and..." is touching and is definitely a must watch episode.

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