Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tonight's Teen Mom & Farrah's Baby's Father's Story

This week on Teen Mom...

This week on Teen Mom, we got a glimpse of Farrah's mom, Debbie, doing her community service, which she earned for assaulting Farrah. I actually felt bad for her. While I don't doubt she did assault Farrah, we don't know what events led up to the event. I hope everything works out well for Farrah and her family.

We also saw Gary dressed up as an Easter bunny. It was amazing! He really goes above and beyond to show his love for his family. Props, Gary! Amber - he's a great guy. I hope you two make it work...despite the fact that you told him to leave and never propose to you again.

Maci introduced Bentley to her boyfriend Kyle, and it went well. Maci is such a wonderful mom. I hope this relationship works for both her and Bentley.

Tyler identified the fact that many of his issues are internal, and not attributed to Catelynn's behaviors. It would be a shame to see Catelynn and Tyler break up, but it's starting to seem like a lifelong relationship isn't in the cards for the two of them.

Farrah tried to sell her car on Craigslist, and unfortunately, she got scammed. She ended up providing $3,000 to ship her car to its new owner, which put her bank account into the negative due to the scam payment. Poor Farrah! She really didn't deserve that. Then again, she shouldn't have put any money out for the car purchase until she knew the money officially hit her account.

The story of Farrah's baby's father...

As we learn more about the backstory behind baby Sophia's father, it's not surprising that we became curious about what happened with Farrah's ex-boyfriend. Well, as it turns out, Farrah and her boyfriend weren't doing so well during her pregnancy. Tragically, her baby's father, Derek Underwood, passed away in a car accident. There was alcohol involved in the death, making the story even more tragic.

It's strange to hear Farrah's story unfold. During her 16 and Pregnant episode, she seemed to be angry at her baby's father. However, there was no mention of his passing. I wonder if her anger at her boyfriend was based on her mother's insistence or they were genuinely angry on their own terms. It seems that Farrah isn't in touch with her late boyfriend's family. I wonder if they want contact with Sophia in memory of their late child.

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