Monday, August 30, 2010

Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Part One

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion started out with drama. Andy Cohen opened up the show by asking the housewives what they thought about "Jersey Shore." Teresa let us know that she didn't like it because she thought it was trashy. She followed it up by stating that Danielle Staub probably loved "Jersey Shore" because her trashiness matched theirs. (Her words, not mine.)

What would we think of a TV special where "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" meets "Jersey Shore?" I think Teresa and Snooki could talk fashion, and Teresa's husband Joe could play poker with Mike "The Situation." What do you think? I think Jacqueline's daughter Ashley would love hanging out with Pauly D.

Andy Cohen addressed the discussion from last year's Housewives reunion show where Caroline accused Danielle of doing something awful to Dina. It turns out that Danielle supposedly tried to have Dina's daughter taken away from her. Danielle denies this, but the other New Jersey housewives claim that it's the truth.

Teresa got up in Dina's face, telling her not to break up her family. She littered the accusation with a ton of expletives. Somehow when Teresa does it, it's somehow endearing. If Danielle did that, I'd be disgusted. For some reason, Teresa makes madness look so good! Granted, she does cause some dramatic, over the top moments with her screaming (and season one table flipping), but she somehow makes it work!

After the almost-fight between Teresa and Danielle, Danielle told her entourage about how Teresa could have hit her. I don't debate that, but here's the thing - Teresa never hit Danielle. So, it was at least slightly unfounded.

Teresa was asked directly if her home is in foreclosure. Her answer was no. When Andy pressed further about whether she was worried about her home or not, she noted that her family is all that matters. That seems to mean she might actually be worried.

Danielle, who seemed to be joined at the hip to her friend Danny, now claims they just filmed together and aren't even friends in real life. I'm not sure I believe that - or I feel bad for Danny if it is! Danielle was also questioned about how she could afford a Sweet Sixteen for daughter Christine. She stated that everything was donated. I want to know how she affords drivers and bodyguards, not to mention the legal fees she pays for defense because of her two sex tapes.

Danielle was also asked if she's intimate with singer Lori Michaels. She refused to answer. She hinted that she might be with her, but wouldn't give a definitive answer. I think that's a no, but she likes the idea that people are speculating.

Here's some random news: 70% of polled Bravo viewers would select Caroline as a mom out of all of the housewives. Only 3% chose Danielle.

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