Monday, August 9, 2010

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Danielle Lives in the Love and Light

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

This week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle proclaimed in a very nasty voice that she lives in the love and light. I hate to tell you, darling, but when you say "I live in the love and light" with a voice full of malice and spite, you are contradicting your own words.

The families of the New Jersey housewives decided to take an impromptu trip to Italy. Must be nice, right? While Caroline and Albert wanted to take a couples-only vacation, the trip ended up being for the couples, their parents and their kids.

On a naming topic, we found out that Milania got her name because Teresa found out she was pregnant in Milan. On this episode, we saw Milania celebrate her fourth birthday and it was hilarious. First, she was upset because they were having an "eat party," as opposed to a fun party. Second, she fell asleep before her cake came, and refused to wake up to blow out the candles. The poor girl cried while Teresa and the others begged her to blow out her birthday candles.

Teresa went on a crazy quest to find the Chanel store. When she arrived, it was closed. Caroline pointed out that Teresa could buy Chanel in New York City, but I totally understand wanting to buy Chanel in Italy.

According to the previews, next week we learn more about Danielle's search for her mother. As she so kindly informs us, her decision has nothing to do with her mother's happiness. It's all about her. Okay, that makes sense, but doesn't she care about the mother she's seeking at all?

Dating in the Dark

Dating in the Dark came back tonight! On this show, men and women meet in the dark and establish connections. Then, they see each other and decide whether they still like each other once they see each other. Last season, we learned that people make amazing connections in the dark, and then walk away when they see each other in the light. It's a very interesting study in psychology.

This season seems like it will be different than last season from what I saw on the first episode. We got to know the contestants pretty well in the beginning of the show because they shared why they were on the show: insecurity, low self esteem, believing their personality is better than their looks, thinking they focus too much on looks when meeting someone, etc. Last season, since the show was new, contestants were less aware of the situation. This season, the contestants specifically want to meet people in the dark, so they may be more open to building relationships even if they do not love someone's looks.

One guy on Dating in the Dark had the name Storm. It's amazing! I actually think it's a very silly name for a person, but it definitely works on him.

Anyway, on this week's episode, I was happy with the ending because two people overcame the physical demands that they usually make for a mate and became a happy couple. However, the episode turned sour in the last few moments when one contestant said that the two ugly ducklings finally found each other. Say what? Excuse me? How about saying that two happy, successful people found each other? Why does it have to be about low self esteem and negative self image? Why do we let society's idea of beauty dictate our feelings about ourselves? Okay, so, obviously I fall victim to this, but still. It stinks! We make ourselves fit society's mold, rather than finding the attractiveness in our own selves. So, come on, Dating in the Dark, give us some positive stuff to think about, not this negative stuff!

Bachelor Pad

We also saw Bachelor Pad tonight on television, but I haven't watched it yet. This show features contestants on previous seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette looking to find love with each other. It's a perfect combination! Fame-seekers + other fame-seekers = screen-time craving, over-the-top, crazy couples...and on this show, we'll see a lot of them!

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keLLy said...


I so agree with you about Danielle. If you lived in the love and light then you wouldn't be talking about the others in that same statement.

Bachelor pad is going to be soo good. I won't say much since you haven't watched it yet. But I will be sure to look for a possible blog when you do? :)