Thursday, August 5, 2010

Real Housewives of DC Premiered Tonight

Word on the street is that Steven Tyler is going to host American Idol next season. Allegedly, he didn't tell his bandmates and they found out through the tabloids. Ouch!

The Real Housewives of DC premiered tonight and it was underwhelming. It was pretty bland. No one stood out as being particularly fascinating or interesting. The most interesting thing for me was figuring out how little Michaele Salahi weighed, and how to pronounce her name. I thought at first that it was a weird spelling of Michelle. Then, someone said Mikale. Then, Mikayla. Then Mikelle. So, what is it? I'll believe Mikelle or Mikale, but Michaele does not spell Mikayla. Michaela does, Michaele does not.

Jersey Shore tonight!