Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Night Reality TV Madness!

Bachelor Pad

"Bachelor Pad" brought us a very intellectual, thought-provoking challenge this week. Just kidding. Did you actually believe me?

It was a pie eating contest.

This was fun, and disgusting, to watch. People were gagging as they chomped down on pies (hands free!) and let's just say that throwing up was a suitable option...for more than one person.

The rest of the episode was the same scheming, crazy antics we expect from the Bachelor Pad castmates. There really isn't much else to say. Although writing "Jesse Beck" on all of the papers for the romantic date was crafty!

Jesse S. and Craig were kicked out of the Bachelor Pad in the end, which was a surprise upset to the plan to eliminate Kiptyn.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

This week, Danielle congratulated herself on being a good mom. Meanwhile, it looks as if her daughter Christine is more of an adult than Danielle. Danielle spends so much time talking about how awful the Laurita, Manzo and Giudice families are, I wonder what time she has left to be a mom. And, she also pronounces 'panini' really strangely. Just saying.

The Italy trip wasn't as exciting as I imagined it would be. I'm sure it was an amazing trip for the New Jersey housewives, but by the time it came our way, the excitement was gone. The food did look phenomenal, though. It puts my Bagel Bites dinners to shame!

It was hilarious when Jacqueline pointed out that hiking would be a problem with "babies and old people." She outright said that there were 'old people' with them on the trip! What happened to the term 'elderly'? I'm surprised that nobody even had a reaction.

Next week on the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we'll watch Caroline and Danielle face off. Bravo claims that it'll be the 'one final time,' but something tells me season three of The Real Housewives will bring yet another series of arguments.

Dating in the Dark

You know when the chocolate chip cookies in your cupboard are kind of stale, but you're still craving chocolate so you eat them anyway? That's how I feel about "Dating in the Dark." On this episode, "Dating in the Dark" tried to stir things up by featuring a contestant who makes her money from her looks. Really, though, does that twist anything at all? The show is, after all, about dating in the dark...until you see the other person's looks at the end. I didn't see this as much of a twist, but it definitely was a way to attract fans of this woman (a Maxim model named Summer) to watch the show.

And a Jersey Shore Update...

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro found himself in a not-so-fun situation when he got arrested for unpaid parking tickets. Really, Ronnie? Unpaid parking tickets? At least Snooki got arrested for lewd behavior - you can totally avoid having unpaid parking tickets! You make like, $10,000 per episode, you can afford to pay your parking fees. What would Sammi say, Ronnie?

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