Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jersey Shore: Snooki's Words of Wisdom

Summary of This Week's (8/19/10) Jersey Shore

Before we begin, here's a quick Jersey Shore episode synopsis: Snooki and Emilio had a fight, then Emilio told Snooki that he cheated on her with another girl. The Jersey Shore cast planned a family dinner, and again, food was dropped on the floor. Sammi and Ronnie fought, and the girls hid the news about Ronnie's 'creeping' behind Sam's back...until dinner that is, when Angelina spilled some info, and it only got worse from there. During a game, Ronnie was asked if he'd ever cheated on a girlfriend, and things got super awkward. Ouch. Later, Snooki and J-Woww wrote an 'anonymous' letter to Sammi to let her know about Ronnie's three-way kiss and other madness. Meanwhile, Sammi put Angelina on the spot and asked her about Ronnie's actions. Angelina didn't want to cause drama, but she kind of got stuck in that situation.

This week on Jersey Shore, Snooki shared some words of wisdom:

Guys don't know how to treat girls, and that's why the 'lesbian rate' is going up in this country.

Um...Snooki...while not all people agree on why people are lesbians (a choice, genetics, etc.), I highly doubt bad men are a leading cause. Girls are just as bad as guys in our own ways!

I do feel bad for Snooki, though, because she learned, which all of us Jersey Shore watchers later heard, that her boyfriend Emilio slept with another girl. Ouch. Sorry, Snooki! To go along with that news, word has it now that Snooki's current boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, tried out to be on Jersey Shore. So, is he really into Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, or is he in this for the Jersey Shore fame? I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he really is into Snooki. I mean, of course people will say he's in this for the fame, just by virtue of his existence. We'll see, though.


Anonymous said...

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Anxiety Unmasked said...

Oh how I love Snooki's words of wisdom. They really are genius! I'm reallllllyy getting sick of Ronnie and Sammi. I really hope that the season does not continue on with their crap. Give me some drama from Pauly D or Vinny, even! I'm so sick cuz I really love this show and would totally want their autographs if I met them.