Sunday, August 29, 2010

Did They Stay Together? A Review of Reality Love

Dating shows usually end with happy endings. However, once the cameras stop rolling, do the romances last? Usually not. Here are relationship reviews from past reality shows that didn't fare as well as the contest winners may have hoped.

Frank the Entertainer: A Basement Affair, Kerry Schwartz stole Frank Maresca's heart, or so we thought. It turns out that Frank unceremoniously dumped Kerry almost immediately, stating that he was in love with his ex. Ouch, poor Kerry! She really was into Frank, and this seemed to hit her pretty hard. Sorry, Kerry!

The winners of Rock of Love didn't have much luck either. As we know from recent reality news, Bret Michaels is dating is on-again-off-again girlfriend Kristi Lynn Gibson. While Bret Michaels and Taya Parker claimed to be dating for some time after their reality show ended, Rock of Love 4 was also said to be in the works. However, neither Taya or ROL4 have been in the news lately, as Bret is standing by the side of the mother of his children, Kristi Lynn Gibson. So, sorry, Jess (season 1), Ambre (season 2) and Taya (season 3)!

New York and Tailor Made had a similar fate after I Love New York - a very public breakup. This one occurred on New York's reality show, proving once and for all that she's in this game for fame, not love. Was there every any doubt, though?

Tila Tequila and Bobby Banhart are another reality TV couple that didn't go the distance after A Shot At Love. Theoretically, Bobby actually dumped Tila. In season two, Kristy rejected Ms. Tequila and didn't even accept the final key. Tila dropped out of the reality dating circuit after that, passing on her throne to the 'Ikki twins.' She later dated Casey Johnson, heiress to the J&J fortune, who passed away during their courtship.

My Antonio brought us a couple who I thought might last: Antonio Sabato Jr. and Brooke Barlow. However, this couple was broken up pretty much by the time the show aired. This breakup seemed to be amicable, at least, which is more than we can say is the case for many television splits.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt, although not technically from a reality dating show, are facing a divorce. The villains from The Hills are calling it quits after years of Spencer's fame whoring and Heidi's plastic surgeries. Now, Spencer plans to release a sex tape of Heidi. Classy!

Not that anyone's surprised, but it didn't work out between Hugh Hefner and the barely legal Shannon Twins on The Girls Next Door. In fact, after the breakup, the girls, Karissa and Kristina, did move next door (literally) to the Bunny House, until they were forced to leave because they were dating other people. (Hef was not a fan of this.) Word has it Hef is still dating girlfriend Crystal Harris and might even marry her. Ouch! This must be painful to Holly Madison, who wanted so badly to become Mrs. Holly Hefner and have some babies.

On a positive note, Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight (featured on My Fair Brady) are still married. Good for you!

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