Thursday, August 12, 2010

DC Bores Me; Jersey Shore? Give Me More!

The Real Housewives of DC

I tried again to watch The Real Housewives of DC but quickly gave up. It just doesn't hold my attention. For some reason, the women on this version of the Housewives franchise just seemed spoiled and bratty, and don't possess the appeal that the California, Jersey and NYC girls have. Read this for an interesting review of last week's premiere. The writer basically explains that it's hard to have sympathy for the women on this show, and I agree. I feel bad when Jill gets hurt on The Real Housewives of New York City. I cheered for Tamra as she left Simon on The Real Housewives of Orange County. But these women? I just can't feel emotions for them.

Jersey Shore

This week, Angelina faced the wrath of the men of the Miami Jersey Shore house. I have to give Snooki credit for realizing that the situation was not fun for Angelina and actually feeling sympathy for her, despite their differences. I was really happy when the guys invited Angelina out with everyone to help them move past their differences.

It was great that Angelina stepped up and admitted that she made a mistake when talking about Snooki and her boyfriend. Yes, everyone else talked too, but Angelina stepping it up made a big difference. However, she couldn't have done it without Snooki. Snooki made the first move to make it right. I gained a ton of respected for Ms. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

On a random note, my friend said he met Angelina in real life and that she's pretty normal. I'm glad to hear that! I feel like someone meeting Snooki wouldn't feel the same way. (By the way, you can apparently purchase a Snooki bobble head toy. What has the world come to?)


I saw a girl the other day at a restaurant with a Snooki poof in her hair. I didn't realize that other people actually wore that hairstyle! I wonder if her poofy hairstyle is a copy of Snooki's, or she wore it before Jersey Shore hit our TV screens.

Random stuff

I am in love with this handbag. It's the Coach Julia small bag. Both the silver and black colors are amazing. I don't plan to buy this bag because I don't need it, but it's oh-so-pretty!

I'm in the weirdest Coach phase right now. I used to be strictly in Juicy Couture territory, but I think I'm moving on. Don't get me wrong - I still love Juicy - I'm just not as devoted. Plus, as you know, some Juicy Couture stuff is awful. You've got to look carefully to find the amazing items.

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Anonymous said...


Anxiety Unmasked said...

Loved Jersey Shore last night!! I'm so obsessed. I'm even seriously considering getting one of those bobble heads...
Kudos to Snooks, Angelina, and the Sitch for trying to make things right in the house in their own way.
Now, can we talk about Ron and Sammi? Hello!! It's a repeat of last season.
I think my favorite part of this season is the list of "foundations" that the guys have come up with...I.F.F and the G.F.F. Good stuff.

G J A Fashion Consultants

keLLy said...

I so agree about the RHW of DC. Not a fan. But Jersey Shore of course.

I hope this season of JS is not all about Ronnie and Sam *yawns*

I definitely agree with the last comment. Big kudos to Snooki.

I so love the term smoosh :)