Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chelsea Clinton gets married!

Remember when Saturday Night Live made fun of Chelsea Clinton's gawky teenage looks? I bet those who wrote the highly inappropriate jokes are kicking themselves now. Chelsea Clinton celebrated her marriage yesterday in a very expensive New York ceremony, and she looked fantastic. Dressed in Vera Wang, the new Mrs. Marc Mezvinsky shined.

Chelsea Clinton is remarkable for many reasons, one of them being the fact that she's kept her privacy. While President Obama uses Sasha and Malia as part of his publicity campaign, Chelsea Clinton has maintained her sense of privacy and reality. She hasn't chased fame, reality television fame or controversy in order to raise her Hollywood star. She stayed true to herself, and for this, I very much respect her.

Chelsea's wedding left guests with amazing memories, as well as gift baskets filled with goodies like pretzels, cookies and wine. I have to give Chelsea credit. She could have given out expensive trinkets that nobody would ever use, but she went with practical items that all guests are sure to enjoy. Seriously, who doesn't love food?

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