Monday, August 23, 2010

Bret Michaels, A 'True Beauty' Contestant and 'Real Housewives of NJ' Finale

Tonight on TV is the Miss Universe pageant. While I like beauty pageants, Miss Universe was extra awesome because Bret Michaels is a host! This makes sense, as he won Celebrity Apprentice, and Miss Universe is a Donald Trump owned pageant. In any case, I was very happy to see Bret Michaels hosting the Miss Universe pageant. I bet he wasn't too upset about the opportunity - he's surrounded by over 80 beauty queens!

Most of this year's Miss Universe judges weren't necessarily noteworthy, except for Criss Angel! Who knew? It makes sense because he's a Vegas guy, but still surprising - and maybe acting as a pageant host to try to attract Criss Angel fans as viewers.

Donald Trump made a point of saying that the pageant contestants would be showing off their sexy bikinis. This is quite a change from the controversy that occurred a few years ago, which protested the fact that bathing suit contests were featured in beauty pageants. I guess we're in more of a reality TV universe now, where overexposure translates directly into ratings.

This year on Miss Universe, Miss Australia was the second runner up, and Miss Jamaica was the first runner up. Miss Mexico took the crown and became Miss Universe 2010. Congrats, Miss Mexico!

Tonight on "Dating in the Dark," we'll see Billy Jeffrey, a "True Beauty" contestant, date in the dark. This raises a question - did Billy really learn a lesson on "True Beauty" about dating for personality, not looks, or is he just out for another slice of reality pie? I would say that we'll see, but really, we'll probably never know.

Tonight is "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" finale. On this episode, Danielle Staub will receive a text message from Caroline Manzo, which from the previews, looks like it leads to a war. Also, the women will promise to stay away from Danielle forever. We'll see what happens next season. Oh, if they're going to stay away from Danielle, does that mean we can have Dina back?

This season of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" has been pretty good. Nothing beats Teresa's table flipping episode last season, but I have enjoyed watching Danielle go from crazy to crazier this season, and I've loved seeing Teresa's extravagant lifestyle. (Despite the fact that she's bankrupt.)

Note: Did you know Teresa earns $3,333 per month for filming "Housewives"? Not bad at all!

Rumor has it that Danielle Staub has been fired from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." It's also stated that she's now trying to sell a reality show about her life. Do I think "Housewives" will be as dramatic without Danielle? No. Do I think it has a great opportunity to go in a new direction that doesn't entirely focus on Danielle? Absolutely. Do I think she'll get a new reality show? Probably. Will I watch it? Ugh, no!

Real Housewives Finale Episode Update

This week on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Danielle asked her children for advice on the drama she has with the Manzo family. The children should have no part of this. In fact, the kids even realize that their mom should have no part of this!

Caroline's goal was to get the legal case against Jacqueline's daughter, Ashley, dropped. However, things went terribly wrong. While Caroline booked a room for a private chat, Danielle made a note that she brought men with guns. Oh, goodness.

The Danielle / Caroline discussion started out nice but got nasty. It ended with Caroline calling Danielle a clown, and Danielle making a remark about Caroline's red hair, implying that she is the clown. It was quite childish of Danielle.

It's sad that the Danielle issue is tearing Ashley and her mom Jacqueline apart. It shouldn't be like that. Parents and kids unfortunately do have emotional barriers, but something like the mutual dislike of an outside party shouldn't cause this rift.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Danielle has a sex tape with a mystery man which is being marketed by Hustler. I would definitely say this is a publicity stunt. It was listed in the closing remarks along with the fact that Danielle is writing a memoir and released a pop song.

Oh, Real Housewives of NJ, I love watching your show!

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